What do you think about the idea of knowing when you will die?

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Re: What do you think about the idea of knowing when you will die?

Post by drunyan »

I wish that I did know when I was going to die. Since I am going to have surgery to remove cancer from my body next week, it would be helpful to know whether I am going to die or not. If I am, I can plan on being strressed because I feel I need to invest that time in my family, preparing them for what is going to happen.

If there is not going to be an end at that point, I would continue to live life as best as I can, like I typically do. Making sure I balance expectations of close family, expectations of those I supposedly work with ( long story), and my (presently non-existent) hopes .
I am back! 4 months after radiation treatments and still cancer-free!

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Post by llpwap »

I have always heard the saying, "ignorance is bliss." I think that saying defines exactly how I feel. There is no way I would want to know when I was going to die nor how I would perish. I think that if a person knew when they were going to die they couldn't fully live their life. They would be too cautious in some situations and a daredevil in others. I just believe knowing when your going to die goes against everything about living.

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Post by Rahul_Malviya »

In case you already knows when you are going to die , you will loose the zeel and pleasure of life in presence , and actually you will die daily in worry of actually KNOWN death time..

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Post by juliecsa »

I would not want to know exactly when I am going to die. I have terrible anxiety, and knowing this would make me feel like I am constantly wasting time (more than I already do).
I think this technology might make some people more reckless, if they have a short amount less, which might not be good for society as a whole.

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Jennifer Fernandez
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Post by Jennifer Fernandez »

I personally wouldn't want to know.
The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. - H.P. Lovecraft :techie-studyinggray:

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Raya raymond
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Post by Raya raymond »

Jennifer Fernandez wrote:
01 Aug 2018, 19:54
I personally wouldn't want to know.
That makes two of us.

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Post by Bookcool123 »

If scientists are able to make an invention for you to know your own demise then surely there will be no mystery in life anymore. There will be a wordwide paranoia and as we know it certain entities might make this an scapegoat for their own benefits.

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Post by emmalorex »

Knowing when u will die is another pain than death it self.

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Post by Ann10 »

I don't think that I would benefit from getting the date of my demise. It would benefit my family members more than me.

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Post by ems2 »

I suppose that you could get your affairs in order, but I wouldn't want to know. I agree with the person that said it would suck out all of the joy in life. I want the mystery of when it happens, so I can make myself believe that it's way off into the future.

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DC Brown
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Post by DC Brown »

kfwilson6 wrote:
02 Mar 2018, 10:10
Given that this is a medical device which tells you only when you will die of natural causes, I think it is a very useful tool. It doesn't seem that different from finding out you have a life threatening illness and the doctor giving you a timeframe for how much longer you will have. It is that concept on a broader scope. The watch may actually prevent your death if it is a natural occurrence and medical treatment would make a difference. We are often so unaware of what is happening in our bodies: why does my stomach hurt, is this a heart attack or heart burn, am I having a stroke? The watch could help circumvent the consequences of the majority of us not having medical degrees. We wouldn't have to ask the question of ourselves, is this worth going to the hospital for? The risk of not going is mitigated because we would know if it is severe enough to warrant it.

If we were talking about some mystical device that can predict your death no matter how it occurs (car accident, war, hunting accident, etc.), that I would not want to have.
I have to agree that it would be a very useful tool in predicting natural death. Just because the first instances were vindictive in nature it doesn't mean all results would be that way. It wasn't given a lot of attention in the book, but many did donate their things to charity, got their lives in order and said goodbye to loved ones. I would like to have the chance to do those good things.

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Post by evan1995muniz »

I think I would love to know personally. So I know how much time I have to achieve my dreams.

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Post by Theresam »

Knowing your time of death in advance is a central theme of the book. It’s a very interesting topic. Personally, I wouldn’t want to know. I think it would result in a constant fear of impending death and take enjoyment out of final days

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Post by sonya01 »

I think knowing when I will die will get in the way of real living. I'd be forever planning around that eventuality and thinking about it constantly! I guess the way it is now is the best way possible, and thankfully, everything else is in the realms of science fiction.

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Post by HollandBlue »

I would rather not know when I'm going to die.
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