How do we allow scientific innovation without ruining the world?

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Sarah G
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Re: How do we allow scientific innovation without ruining the world?

Post by Sarah G »

I think a lot of this depends on who is responsible for it. You can do amazing things with science but if the person responsible doesn't regulate it, it can quickly escalate out of control. Science is advancing quicker then our ability to morally understand all of the consequences
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Laura Bach
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Post by Laura Bach »

I think we should try to scientifically advance in the things that matter, not weapons or worse, nuclear weapons. Even phones are good enough, they can't do all the things in our place. The science world should think about what we can do now to help nature and maybe see other planets. Something that leads somewhere safe.

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Raya raymond
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Post by Raya raymond »

Spirit Wandering wrote:
02 Mar 2018, 09:28
As your post indicates, the ethical considerations about these innovations are complicated. As are the considerations about gun control. I'm one who thinks that reasonable controls are a good idea but not a complete answer. I think the only true answer comes when we can begin to develop more empathy for our fellow human beings. I think we could change the dynamics of many societal issues, including the two mentioned here, if we could begin to act from one simple, yet difficult premise: what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

I so agree with you. It's up to us to decide to use technological inventions to do good.

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Post by Vlinstry »

I think advances in technology are important and can truly benefit mankind as a whole. I do believe that we have to be careful with it though and try to curb misuse of it somehow it it will be the end of us all. Be it the technology taking over or us using it against each other.

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Post by jo89220n »

Despite its bad tendencies, innovation also does so much good. I think any advancement will have its benefits and consequences, it's just a matter of deciding if it's worth it. I don't think it will necessarily ruin the world, but I do think there needs to be more transparency with these innovations. The public knows very little of what goes on behind closed doors in the corporations and institutions that are making such innovations. I think efforts and profits and plans need to be known by people in society which could help lessen corruption or backlash. I think these innovations are so important though and they shouldn't slow down, especially in the medical field.

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Post by kwame1977 »

Every scientific innovation comes with a negative side. There's no free cake. Lets be careful of the various innovations

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Natalie Charlene
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Post by Natalie Charlene »

I think it is all a balancing act. The topic that always comes to my mind when thinking about the ethics of scientific innovation is genetic engineering. With all the genetic research taking place, it is not that far fetched of an idea that we could be able to manipulate genetic characteristics to produce genetically enhanced humans. But this would probably be very expensive and only affordable for the very rich. We already have social issues caused by the dichotomy between the rich and poor, and adding genetic engineering in the mix would drastically worsen the issue.

So what do we do to balance innovation and ethics? I think it is hard to answer the question without being immediately confronted by the situation. If we do make an AI, we will have to see how it reacts and go from there. We can't know until we know!

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Post by charmaineperit »

Most of the innovations are actually to help and improve lives of the people. The sad thing is how people use it for the wrong reasons. I think the best thing innovators can do is implementing guidelines and restrictions. The problem is that there will come a point that it would be difficult to control on how people will use it. Despite that, this should not be a reason to limit innovations. Because most of the time, these innovations are helpful rather than destructive. But it would be a different case if the effect is reversed. This is a difficult topic because of the ethics involved.

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Post by Lgs1089 »

The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people. -Karl Marx
L.G. Stewart
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Post by Ana_Saints »

This is one of my professors told us during a Science class and this is one of the things that I will keep in my mind. Science specifically technology is good in fact really good, it is we, the people, who are bad. It is really up to us how to accept and use innovations of Science. It is our evil thoughts and doings that made technology lead us to devastating journeys.

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Mildred Tabitha
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Post by Mildred Tabitha »

By setting rules and guidelines to be followed. If not followed, the said innovation or item should be banned. This will make people to be more careful. People should also not let emotions to control them. Some of the killings discussed in the book were done by people whom I presume to not be in the mental capacity to decide what was right. But then everything has an advantage and a disadvantage.
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Amondi Oluoch
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Post by Amondi Oluoch »

I might sound a bit off- topic but I perceive this as a trending in technology, depending on how you view it.
Every scientific innovation has its good and bad sides. It all depends on how you handle and use the innovations here. Come to think of it, guns are wise to use, that's why they were innovated in the first place, but mankind tend to use the same profitable innovation for the destruction of mankind and other animals.
I think it's a basis of common sense here, in over to avoid ruining the world, human nature is should be more dorminant of a factor than thirst and greed for Fame and anything else.
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Post by Supergirl1 »

Bluecobia wrote:
02 Mar 2018, 16:55
I agree that technology can and will be used for both bad and good. It seems to be human nature. Some people try to do evil when ever they can . Technology is just another tool for them to use.
True. I don’t believe technology should be blamed for people’s evil deeds.
It is human nature to invent and innovate, as such the people who carry out destructive acts will just find another means of doing so.

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Post by meadhbh »

I think there definitely has to be some guidelines around how technology is utilised and developed. We've seen the law adapt to include new technologies, however often it is very slow to do so. I think it is both interesting and somewhat terrifying to wonder whether governments will be able or even willing to protect us at a fast enough pace to prevent some of the possible dangers associated with technological development

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Post by Helpme71 »

I think that innovation is a good thing. However, in recent years, there have been more books and novels warning of the "dangers" of new technology. I think that innovation should be allowed to continue, but I feel that guidelines should be established to try and avoid the "secret project that goes wrong and the world gets overrun" scenario. Innovation isn't unethical; innovation with no guidelines or standards can lead to very unethical behaviors and results that could ultimately destroy humanity.
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