Did your views on guns change?

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alfred mbithi kioko
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Re: Did your views on guns change?

Post by alfred mbithi kioko »

Absolutely not really changed,guns exercise safety at the same time can cause trouble in not well handled.Despite any country one is ,there are laws that govern the firearm owners

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Raya raymond
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Post by Raya raymond »

My views on guns didn't really change. The book enlightened me more about guns but I still think they shouldn't be given to just anyone who applies for a license to own a gun. I think proper checks should be done on everyone before they get guns. They should conduct proper psych evaluations before letting anyone own a gun.

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Post by Shrabastee »

I was in a dilemma about the use of guns before reading the book. After reading the book, I am still unable to find answers.
Gun use by law enforcement divisions is one thing, because they are properly trained and hold responsibility for their actions, while guns in hands of common people without proper training is just a disaster waiting to happen!
I personally never like the idea of having to carry or even use a gun. But then again, commenting here is one thing, and being attacked and not being able to defend is quite another thing. But even if we need guns for self defence, I think we should be trained to handle it, and should carefully think about the repercussions of using it.

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Richard Whitehead
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Post by Richard Whitehead »

Yes, I felt that gun-ownership should be reviewed to prevent guns from getting onto the wrong hands.

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Post by uyky »

My views also remained the same. But it is a topic that needs to be discussed as much as possible because I do agree that changes are necessary.

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Post by maggiechap »

My views have not changed. Honestly, I thought the book was so overdone that it was too comical to take seriously and, after all, it's only fiction. When it comes to politics and reality, my mind needs facts and truth. That's not something that can be learned from this type of writing.

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Post by Lu_rire »

My views did not particularly change. I have always been anti-gun and this wouldn't be changed significantly by the story which corroborates the same stance though my views on guns were reinforced.

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Post by Tamorie21 »

My views on guns haven't changed much at all after reading. I still think that guns are unnecessary in many instances and are too relied upon.

In the book, the IRS's slogan was something similar to, "It's better not to fight, but if you have to, then win." "Winning" doesn't have to lead to another person's death in every situation. Shoot someone because you've been pushed to the ground? Shoot because you can? It's really a shame seeing how the idea of guns and power have controlled the thinking of so many.

I can say that my views on guns have perhaps become a little more negative. I did not know with what ease a person could obtain a gun. Take a super easy test, get a certificate for it with no background check, and collect a gun within ten days! That was truly absurd to me. They even gave a gun to a legally blind elderly woman (mentioned towards the end of the novel). How irresponsible. And kids being in the presence of so many guns with teachers who aren't completely trained to use them is dangerous for both the kids and the teachers themselves!

I could probably go on all day :lol2:

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Post by nikkyteewhy »

My views on guns and gun control hasn't change and I don't see the change happening even after I'm done this book.

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Post by Faithmwangi »

My opinion did not change,i just got to see other peoples view on guns
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Post by Felice01 »

No it did not change how many people have to die? Why can't they see this that stiffer laws are needed. They will still make money people will still buy but why not protect the innocent.

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Post by Kdonegan91 »

My view was not changed. I believe that not everyone should own a gun. However, guns should not be taken from law-abiding citizens with a healthy mind. They should be able to protect themselves from danger. Strict policies should be in place to buy a gun.
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Post by Fuzzy456 »

I agree, the laws have to adapt to the rapid changes we are facing today. My children and I took the gun safety course and we each hold a permit for acquiring and possessing firearms. If there are guns in the household we have to be responsible adults.

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Post by Sushan »

I am not an american and does not live in America. And where I live, guns are not available for legal use instead you are in army or police. So I do nothave first hand experience about this issue. But by looking from outside, I have been thinking that the policy regarding guns in states is not a very good thing, and this author's thinking keeps up with mine. So I still think, guns should not be freely available in any circumstance
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Post by Riszell »

Izesicle wrote:
01 Mar 2018, 13:25
My views are likely not to change. I believe that gun ownership should be carefully vetted and laws should be implemented consistently.
I agree that with all innovation and technology progress, the impacts should be monitored.
Agreed. People have the right to protect themselves and at the same time be aware of other's safety as well by being responsible carriers of such deadly weapon.

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