Do the women represent the specific types of friend each woman should have?

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Re: Do the women represent the specific types of friend each woman should have?

Post by tristenb »

I think the type of bond these women created is very unique. It's not likely many people have the opportunity to have a group of friends like this. However, I do think that many people might have different types of friends from different activities. Everyone needs an older, wiser friend to guide them, a friend that supports them and takes care of them, and a friend to bring out their wild side.
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Post by Sufi_khan »

Having different personalities in your circle of friends is nice, but not always possible. Being a woman belonging to Eastern culture and background, but a full-time career in healthcare and kids ranging from teenagers to young children meant I had no time to nurture friendships. I realize what a blessing friends are. Friendships happen spontaneously but need active effort and time, like the characters in the story have for each other.
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Post by Nkoo »

Various circumstances pulled the women to one another in the book. Ordinarily, everyone is unique, it is this uniqueness that individuals bring into a relationship. With respect to women's relationships, it is this individuality that they bring to the relationships they have with their friends and this appears as though it was deliberate, meanwhile it was unplanned originally. It is great to have an assortment of friends though.
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Post by Y0landa »

In my humble opinion, friendship is a thing of the heart. Their personalities do not matter as long as they are good friends.

I feel blessed to say, I have a combination of a Rose and a Sophie in my life.
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Post by Ria710 »

I would definitely say that my range of friends have different personalities, but there are a lot of things that we each have in common. And this is what makes our relationship strong.
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Post by NovaFly »

I don't think you need specific 'types' of friend or will ever real find anyone that fits neatly into a category. People are interesting because they are unique and diverse and friendship should celebrate differences and similarities equally.
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Post by Ariely 20 »

Good friendships require that we work on them and sometimes it's just too hard or we can't find the time. We end up surrounding ourselves with people who are similar to us because those friendships seem easier. However if we are willing to do what it takes we just might be pleasantly surprised at the results
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Post by Alicer »

I think people have different personalities. While others embrace a circle of friends some will be satisfied with a specific friend. Rose in my opinion is all rounded. She is motherly, stern when needed, gives great advice.
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Post by Radhika_puri »

Nope, they just meet each other because of the sport and they play an important role in other women life. May be they are different with different persons. It’s just by chance that we met some person and they became the best part of our life same happens in the book.
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Post by damis »

I wouldn't dare to patronize women like that, not even within the book. To say that *every* woman should have this or that, or that everyone should relate to certain kind of people seems very awkward to me. Everyone is different, with different needs and tastes, which include of course, the kind of people they interact with, or pick as friends.
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Post by Bookreviwer2020 »

I don't think that people think of types of friends when they become friends it is because they get along, enjoy each others company and agree on certain things in life
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Post by Teddyquam »

I'm still in that high school mentality where you're friends with whoever's around to be a friend. I don't think friendship is that well thought out, sometimes you just bond with someone who you least expect to get along with!
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Post by Barbara Larkin »

i think the endgame here is 'opposites attract'. When people have the same personality times there does certainly seem to be some friction. But friendships aren't really things we select from a catalogue. I think we just gravitate to people who balance us naturally.
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Post by buttercake20+ »

Yes it does. Life needs a blend of all. Learing from the old, imparting to the young and gaining from one another. I believe that's how life should be.
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Post by gelli_baranda »

I do. I definitely agree. Each character represents a unique friend we all have. Each has a dominant personality and somehow, it's relieving that they stick together in their own ways.
Happy reading,
Gelli xoxo
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