The Ages of the Battle Mages

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Re: The Ages of the Battle Mages

Post by celiiia »

I see a huge resemblance with Harry Potter. Just like Brimstone had to face a trial when he was thirteen, Harry had to fight off the dark lord. So yes, they experienced things that a child shouldn't have.
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Post by Mailis »

I have conflicting thoughts on this. I enjoy fantasy and children's book where kids and teenagers build their character through hardships and grow up to be strong and smart. In real life again it would make me sad if a young kid would have to grow up that way, a childhood cut short because of some horrible accident (usually losing both parents) and fighting for his or her life. I guess it falls little bit into that category that there are very few people who enjoy seeing and reading about murders in real life but very many who enjoy reading mystery books.

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Post by Wordforawhile »

I think it is interesting that the comparison always goes back to Harry Potter when talking about this book (not an actual point there just an interesting note).

Having said that I think many fantasy novels use the younger protagonists partial for the reasons stated earlier (more able to change and adapt, less set in there ways, still in their formative years) but I think a lot of it is simpler then that too. Many people, myself included, use literature as an escape- a way to see and do things that they will never be able to do and a way to learn from experiences even without having them yourself. By putting these young, relate-able, heroes in these kind of situations it gives you the chance to think of how you would handle it if you were thrust in that position. Would you give in to the sadness and fear, or would you push it to the back of your mind so you could keep functioning and deal with it at a later time? But the main reason (and feel free to disagree with me) is because the audience they are targeting is in the same age group as these protagonists and the goal is to show the reader that despite their age- they can succeed in life, if they just try hard enough.

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Post by ericahs »

Heat's age is really bothering me. I'm not sure why he made her so young and maybe be a love interest

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Post by George-Rolph »

While these characters are young you have to put into the context that these were the things expected of them.

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Post by Renu G »

The behaviour of the characters does not match their actual age in the story.

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Post by Firefawkes »

I feel that their ages seem outlandish in our world today, but this book is set in a completely different world with a different history! I'm not 100%, but I believe the squires in medieval times were also quite young and risked their lives often.

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