Do you plan to read the second book?

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Re: Do you plan to read the second book?

Post by eBookreviewer »

Yes, I am planning to read the second book because I liked the first one.

Mitchell Starc
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Post by Mitchell Starc »

Yes I am waiting anxiously for the next sequel and I believe that it is going to be a great pleasure and thriller. Thats my prediction

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Post by P0tt3ry »

I probably will read the second one to see where the story goes. If the first book is promising, and this one is, the second book decides whether I'm going to continue in the series or not. Seems that second books either build on the story or smother it.

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Post by SparklesonPages »

Definitely! I enjoyed the genre and I would like to see where the sequel would lead.

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Post by Quinto »

More especially I want to follow on the progress of Brimstone as well. So I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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Post by anneloretrujillo »

I haven't decided yet if I want to read the second book. I always have a hard time finishing series, even if I really enjoyed the first book. I don't know what it is, but I can rarely get through that second book.

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Post by nfdaniel85 »

From what I've read about the first book, it seems like I would enjoy books 1 and 2.

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Post by mtsnel006 »

Fantasy series are great, I would love to read this book's sequential.
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Post by cristinaro »

I have some other reading priorities right now, but if I start reading the first book of a series, I am usually curious enough to go on with the next as well.
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Post by ktom »

Absolutely! I love this genre and I was a big fan of HP, but this storyline is so much better! I can´t wait for some of the answers to be revealed in the next book!

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Post by eddyokoth »

am really planning to read another genre its really amazing

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Post by dphelps1113 »

Yes! I fell in love with a few characters and their story lines. I cannot wait to see what happens next

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Post by ASB_1 »

Definitely! I’m going to read the second book once I’ve finished the first one. It’s already intriguing.
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Post by Arrigo_Lupori »

I already have way too many books piled up in my reading list, but I will see if I can fit the second one in anytime soon.
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Post by Sphanice »

Mercy Bolo wrote:
01 Dec 2017, 19:31
Yes, I plan to read the second book. I would like to know what happens when Crimson returns to Mage central.
Yes, I would like that

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