What if you were Tom?

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Re: What if you were Tom?

Post by palilogy »

I would definitely be more curious, have to sit down and talk everything over and see proof.
But alas I am a woman and that's why I would do these things.
As a character it seems fitting and as a man, that Tom would just accept Sarah with ease.
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Post by 10mile72 »

I probably would not have been as nice about it as he was. He's a good guy, and he did what he thought was right. I might have balked a bit.
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Post by LaurenHaupt »

He did the right thing. Sarah has been through enough. She didn't need her grandfather rejecting her.
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Post by Radhika_puri »

I think I would panic more then the character Tom in the book. I take small things as big and if a situation like someone missing come up I would have panic more. I think the character fitted the situation best.
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Post by Alexandros92 »

Tom did the right thing, he chose to take responsibility, to make lemonade so to say and life gave back to him more than he expected. Because he chose to be responsible for the girl he managed to develop a relationship with her that could not have been possible if he had said no.
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Post by docfatima »

I would have asked Ruth to prove Sarah's identity to me. Meanwhile, I would have welcomed the child with open arms.
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Post by Readinggrl18 »

I would obviously be in shock but would have let her in and tried to take care of her. I however would have put off any plans I had, especially a trip like that. When children are moved around, they need stability. He didn't know her enough to know if she would be safe mentally or physically on the trip. He should have altered his plans until he had bonded with her. Although the story may have changed quite a bit if this had been true.
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Post by Ebby Brown »

Tom lost his only daughter with Ruth, so having Sarah was like a second chance to be a parent once again. Just like Tom I would welcome Sarah whole heartedly.
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Post by SarahAlligator20 »

I would have been really surprised, no question. I would like to think I would be mature enough to handle the situation appropriately and not reject the idea of Sarah outright. I just know that her attitude after the fact wouldn't help one bit, though.
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Post by Goral »

If I would have been Tom, I suppose I would accept the girl and try to be friendly with her. I also didn't like the part when Tom didn't believe that Sarah saw the bear..I would have believed her if I had been in Tom's place.
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