Does Tom regret his past with his daughter?

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Re: Does Tom regret his past with his daughter?

Post by Bookworm39 »

I believe that Tom does regret his past with his daughter, Becky. And knowing why she left in the first place and hearing what happened to Sarah, I think he will be a better parent to his granddaughter.

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Post by kwahu »

I believe he will put his best into his granddaughter's life. He won't fail her as he failed her own daughter.

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Post by Valton »

Tom does regret his past with his daughter escpecially after finding out what happened to Sarah, he feels he would have done better by being there for his daughter and protect her from Flynch.
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Post by thisisfinal213 »

According to me I think he regrets not knowing her as a father. I also think that as Sarah throw light on what Becky went to and does at that time
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Post by thisisfinal2131 »

Yes i think so and I think at one point, Tom comes out and says that he should have done more for his daughter. So, I definitely think he felt regret about this point
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Post by Barbiedole »

He regrets his past for sure. I'm sure if he could turn back time, he'd do things differently.
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Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes »

The wrongs of the past could be righted in the present and avoided in the future. Sarah was forgiving enough to not begrudge, too much, the circumstances surrounding her at present, due to a faulted past. Or did she?
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Post by Momiji1987 »

Yes, I'm sure his relationship with Becky will inspire him to correct his past mistakes. He can't fix everything, but in a way, he's getting a second chance.

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Post by Bancroft »

No, i dont think so because there were no expressions for this feeling
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Post by CNWaweru »

Yes. I think Tom regrets the fact that he could not protect his daughter, Becky, from Lynch. He also wishes he spent more time with her.
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Post by onixpam »

I think Tom learned a lot of his past relationship with her daughter, and he is willing to have a better relationship with Sara.

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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

When Tom has experience with Sarah he regrets giving so less attention to her daughter. He could have done better for her.

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Post by alkaMish »

I think Tom does regret his past with his daughter. When he learns about her reason for running away from her mother's house at such a young age, and that his granddaughter has been facing so much, he is especially filled with regret.

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Post by Radhika_puri »

Yes, I agree that he regrets his past with his daughter. He often thinks that maybe if Becky lived with him she would never have eloped. He will not repeat the same mistake again I think and will be a great parent to Sarah.

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Post by Honest-reviewer »

Yes, undoubtedly! I think Tom regrets for not being there for Becky when she was abused by Lynch. He will be a protective and great guardian to Sarah.

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