Would "Strong Heart" work as a film?

Discuss the October 2017 Book of the Month, Strong Heart by Charlie Sheldon.

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Salma M
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Re: Would "Strong Heart" work as a film?

Post by Salma M »

I think it would make an interesting film, personally I am a fan of sea disaster films and if this were a movie I would watch it.

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Post by VernaVi »

I think Strong Heart would be fantastic on film. It is set in one of the most beautiful and rugged places in the world, and the characters are people so many can relate to. It also helps that there is at least one sequel out in book form already!

Erandi Ekanayake
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Post by Erandi Ekanayake »

I really enjoyed reading the book. The plot is rich with all the capabilities to be formed into an awesome film. There is no any single part to be omitted. So it will be indeed pleasant if turn into a film.

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Post by sjenkins39 »

I think if they made some adjustments it could work as a film.

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Nyakwija Timothy
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Post by Nyakwija Timothy »

I do agree because, it can easily be built on a story and the scripts.
so for me I say that it can be. :D :D :D :D

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Post by rjohnston815 »

I really enjoyed this book, and agree it could definitely be made into a film. My only concern would be that often films are not as good as the book and I would hope that the screenplay would be aligned with the book (which often does not happen). One response noted that the scenery would be epic, and I absolutely agree with that statement.
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Post by PRECIOUSreads »

It would probably make a good film. However I'm picturing the story as a subtitled movie. Foreign language film vibe.
PRECIOUSreads :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by tjportugal »

Strong Heart could only be adapted onto the screen by a master director; otherwise it would turn into an excruciating disappointment. The book is at a very high level; the movie would have to be top notch;
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Post by MrunalT »

Creative team can make any theme into a movie. This book definitely has all the elements to make a nice move plot.

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Post by Alicer »

Yes, think it could make a great movie.

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Post by Radhika_puri »

I think it would do great as a movie with detailed discussion about some things.

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Post by RachelEmmanuel »

Strong Heart reminded me a little of the TV series "Lost". It has time travel elements, visions, lost cultures, the works. It could be expanded into a movie or even a TV series.
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Post by Alexandros92 »

I do not see why not but it will work mainly for a specific kind of audience. It could be a beautiful, slow, emotional story.

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