Parent’s Impact on Characters

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Parent’s Impact on Characters

Post by Feliceness »

:reading-6: I thought it was crafty how Martin reflected on the impact parents have on children whether they are in directly in their lives or not. Their relationships can shape they person they become. How do you feel the parents of the characters strengthened them or weakened them?

Below are some passages to provoke further discussion.

In the story Max’s parents commit suicide to avoid scandal. This leaves him questioning their love for him. “It took me a long time to accept that he took her and left me behind. I’m still not sure I understand it.” He paused. “I doubt I ever will …” He looked out at the bay and ran a hand through his hair. “Yes,” he conceded, finally. “He must have been very unhappy. But you wouldn’t have known it. He was such a great dad, you know? Always encouraging me. Challenging me to do better. And he loved my mum. You only had to see them together. They were like Bonnie and Clyde.”

“Kari's was raised by a psychologically damaging, alcoholic grandmother who would say things such as ‘You’re a mistake. You shouldn’t be here.’”

Godfredo tries to please his father who pays him no attention except the expectation of obedience.

“Well done, son.” Paco’s words echoed in Godfredo’s head. When had Paco goddamn Roco ever called anyone his son? Godfredo felt a familiar, rising anger. Really, he had no idea what went on in his father’s head.

Please share and add your thoughts on this.

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