What would you do for money?

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Re: What would you do for money?

Post by Cloe101 »

Money wouldn't control me for sure. People have to learn to control themselves and know the truly important things in life.
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Post by Job Njoroge »

How far one is willing to go for money depends on one's moral and upbringing. Some will do anything while some will have their limits according to their morals, others may be motivated by their problems to go to certain levels

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Post by imi_30 »

Money is everything in our life we can't deny it
but my opinion is ( don't lose yourself your truly self just for money no matter what ) believe in God first and yourself then money 'll come in the end now or later it will come believe in that ?
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Post by Doaa Wael »

They say money is the root of all evil, not because money is bad, but because once it starts running in your hands, you may develop a sense of greed and a thrill to acquire more. One must stick by his morals and never go against it in the process of acquiring all money because once you break the fine line between morality and what is beyond, it is often hard to realize that you are spiraling down to the pit of immorality to acquire more money, unlawfully or unethically.
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Post by Sarah Immanuel »

Money is worth nothing in this life.

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Post by Trixy »

I think that money is necessary but always has to be search in a clean way, because doing bad things for money just lead the world worst than actually it is.
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Post by Mercy Bolo »

That's a touchy subject. All I can say is that my limits are yet to be tested.
"The minimum requirement for a dream is a safe place to lay your head."
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Post by powergirl »

I guess nothing.I am not a kind of person who lies on material i prefer have my money honestly by working and not through bad ways.This is my conception of life.
"To be or not to be that's the question" William Shakespeare

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Post by EricaMonique »

I agree I couldn't go wrong with Money but some people have Money and don't know how to use it

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Post by Misael »

I would do everything for money, as long as it is legal and morally right.

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Post by shirleyhP »

I will do what I can for money as long as it is legal, moral, and doesn't cost me anything except for my time.

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Post by Pjbesweetladore »

Everyone needs money, to buy important stuff. stealing money to buy is not right. work hard and you will earn. you cannot just sitting around
waiting for money to come to you.you will work for it to come to you.

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Post by Pjbesweetladore »

Money is not for fun. it is for people who are in need

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Post by iec3108 »

sophiemer642 wrote:
03 Aug 2017, 18:43
In the book, financial greed plays a crucial role in the book.

To what extremes would you go to get money?

Is it worth it to lie, steal or even murder for a huge amount of money?
Honestly, I don't know. I don't think I would sin for my own personal financial gain but if the money was for someone or something I deeply cared about, I can't definitively say I wouldn't go to these extremes.

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Post by becsimpson »

As it says in the Bible, "man can't serve two masters" (or something like that!). Don't be a slave to money. Easier said than done when you're broke and need money to be able to do just about anything. I spend most of my time with less than £50 in my bank account, the most I ever have is about £350 at the beginning of the month when I get paid. Most I've ever had was £1000. So I'm frequently broke, but I try not to worry about it too much. As long as you have enough to actually survive, then things have a way of working them out. I always manage to find money or get a job coming through just when I most need it. Worrying about money can take over people's lives and be a cause of great stress. I like to think I wouldn't kill, cheat or steal for money, but I'd certainly appreciate a bit more of it!
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