Make a choice: Your career or Love?

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Re: Make a choice: Your career or Love?

Post by ObsessedBookNerd »

I’ve never fallen in love so if I did than I would chose love. Your career is a job but it’s different than love cause you are living life, it’s not a materialistic thing.

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Post by Angellasinay »

My career will always come first. I don’t believe in love, but if it’s real it will wait. You have to make sure you are where you want to be in life and love yourself before you can love another and fully commit.

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Post by Heva_Ahmad »

I would choose love over career if he Loves me well, Because career Is useless without my love.

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Post by Milliann »

Love conquereth all things... But you need a career to help you to be stable... Career helps you to have a goal and vision.. As in you know where you're headed towards... It will also help you get some money for yourself and spouse... Career should come first.

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Post by AmySmiles »

klbradley wrote:
01 Aug 2017, 20:57
Since I'm happily married and totally smitten for my husband, there's no way I could choose my career over love. We've been together since I was 17 years old, and I wouldn't make any kind of career choice without thinking of him first.
I agree with you on this. Always love.
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Mathew Makau
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Post by Mathew Makau »

love is sweet, without love we may only be successful in career but with love, our career will be awesome...we become holistic people successful in everything; family and career

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Post by Karenn_xxo »

I would love to say career because when I was kid I was always told to put my career first but right now I’ve chosen love over my career. Yes I do wish I used it more wisely because having a career is really important. Love can cause distractions .

Sumra Abbas
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Post by Sumra Abbas »

Just like Paul Cohen refers in 'The Alchemist' - true love is one that let you prosper and enrich you with the spirit to grow in a best way possible. If you'll prefer love for career right now, later you'll regret for career and hence will somehow, consciously and unconsciously, perceive that it was love that caused this obstacle - love will start to fade slowly. If you choose career, with time you'll start hating that because your love was the cost you paid. So try to take both with balance.

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Post by Xyronxid »

For me career because love can wait anytime.But career can change your life of you have a good career you can choose all you want.

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Post by Lazarus1999 »

for me I will choose my career before love why because if she truly love me she can wait for me but career wait for no man. career can't wait but love can wait.

Noraine Alissa Poria
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Post by Noraine Alissa Poria »

if you really love each other, you're going to work it out without choosing between the two.

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Post by Blue8 »

Career goes before love

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Post by Beryl456 »

I would go for career love can wait, since when we go for our dreams it determines our destiny and that's life, so life can give us the love that we seek

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Post by Sympathyodeh »

As for me i choose a career rather than love, anytime i'm through with my careerer love continue. because love without a careerer is like tea with out water, when one build he/her careerer before love it may maintain there relationship financially and physically.

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Ebokpo philip
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Post by Ebokpo philip »

I will definitely choose my career first because love is hard to nuture when you dont have a career you only end up dissapointed

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