Did malika did the right thing?

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Did malika did the right thing?

Post by walter7 »

Men!! I don't think so ,she shouldn't have leave Elias just like that
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Post by gaporter »

I don't think that Malika left Elias, I think it was reversed. Elias left Malika because of how she had grown and changed from the girl he used to know.

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Post by Shaimaa »

It was a tough choice, but I believe she had to do that for herself...to be able to let go.
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Post by King Fisher »

I'm just glad they got reunited after everything.
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Post by ifeoma obike »

It is Elias that left Malika after finding out that the Malika he loves is is now completely different.
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Post by Doaa Wael »

After 8 years, Malika had to move on in order to pursue her dream, she had to move on especially that she didn't understand why Elias left. When she did understand, she still carried respect and good feelings for him

but i think Malika regarded him as a friend because when he was leaving, she was worried about who will teach her English.
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Post by Scrawling Pen »

In the end, it was really Elias that left Malika. I think that the relationship that Elias imagined was much different than the one that Malika remembered. Malika was only 13 when she met Elias, and she had already experienced unbelievable amounts of pain. I would never judge her for the path she took in order to put herself back together after that.

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Post by ktom »

She was being true to herself so, yes, I think she did the right thing. It was heartbreaking for Elias, but for her to pretend to be something she is not would have only caused more damage in the long run. And probably more heartbreak.
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Post by Espie »

I have expected and would have loved to have them end up together. Their happy ending doesn't necessarily have to be with each other, although nobody knows yet if they would still find their way back once more.
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Post by biscuits »

Like I guessed while reading that they would probably meet at the concert, I really wished Elias didn't leave at first and at the end too. Malika did the right thing to have gone through a lot of development after the first heartbreak. I also think that if Elias wanted to actually love her, he should have stayed to be fully responsible for her development.

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Post by 10mile72 »

She did what she had to do. She had to become independent and then make her decision from that position.

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Post by Kister Bless »

Oooh nooh! I just wished that they could get married. Malika and Elias looked so good together. Unfortunately Elias went away without a word.
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Post by Ria710 »

It was Elias who left Malika. It has been so many years and Malika has changed and grown into a woman. And she's not the same girl that he fell in love with.

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