A parent being able to block a child from traveling?

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Re: A parent being able to block a child from traveling?

Post by Excitedreads »

It's sad that Nadia's ex used her and Waleed's trip to get back at her, but at the end of the day, the person who is most affected is Waleed; an innocent in the entire situation. It was indeed petty and Waleed did not deserve to pay the price he did.
Sadly the reality of parents kidnapping their children from "the other" parent is a real one. And sometimes it's not always beneficial to the child, so I understand the law, and it makes sense. Though it's not as black and white as we would like it to be
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Post by Ssinghal »

I think it was quite cruel for the father to do something like that at the last moment without any prior notice, but the law is well justified since some mothers may wish to flee with their children and never return. However, he used it for is own personal revenge and that was wrong.
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Post by Steph K »

This was a terrible vindictive action on the ex's part. It happens a lot in real life, too. Children become pieces in a feuding couple's game.

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Post by bookiegalke »

I once saw this kind of thing in a movie I watched but I found it to be rather selfish of the father to have done this just to get back at Nadia for reporting him to the police
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Post by CatInTheHat »

bookiegalke wrote:I once saw this kind of thing in a movie I watched but I found it to be rather selfish of the father to have done this just to get back at Nadia for reporting him to the police
I would agree, Nadia's ex was very selfish. If a parent has a history of taking the child and disappearing, or not returning when they're supposed, or in the midst of a custody battle, it would be okay to have such a restriction. But no parent should be able to stop the other from traveling when the child is under the traveling parents care when there has not been situations that would cause suspicion by a judge that the parent might not return.
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Post by Yeosin Mary »

I have never been in such situation before so I can't relate to it. But still parent should have their children in mind at all times thinking about what's good for them and not about their own selfish reasons.

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Post by ktom »

Of course! If dad doesn't want to go then none of us get to go. My ex-husband has used this manipulative tactic many times to ruin trips for our family. Good times! lol :)
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Post by onixpam »

Many couples use their children for revenge, I really felt frustrated when Nadia was not able to travel with her son. I felt really angry because of some people that only wants to please their own desires and they forget what parenting really is.

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Post by Lovestoreadb00ks »

I feel like the father was very selfish in this situation. He didn’t think once about how it would make his son feel. Instead, he put himself first and hurt two people who didn’t deserve it, I raise my glass to Nadia. She is such a strong, positive, selfless woman who always thinks of her son and his safety first. To work so hard to finally be able to go on a much needed and well deserved trip with her son, only to have it ripped away from her in less than 30 seconds, must have been heart wrenching. Sadly, things like this happen every day. Parents put their kids in the middle to get back at each other. It is so sad that children have to experience this. Who are we, as parents, to put our children in the middle of a battle that should exclude them completely?

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Post by jvez »

Yes, this does happen. I know of underage kids who can't acquire visas because they need the other parent's approval. Some parents just tend to be too selfish and have too much pride to even care about their own child.

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Post by biscuits »

Just because he wanted to get back at his wife, I wonder why a father would do that to his own child? He's really too cruel.

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Post by 10mile72 »

I've seen situations where the child of a divorced couple is used as a weapon by one or both sides. It's unfortunate, but it does happen. I think the anger is so intense in these situations that people become blinded.

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Post by Dusamae »

I was frustrated that Nadia could not take Waleed to the concert, but as I told my husband, in just a few years they can travel where ever they want. There will be other concerts and travel will be great at any age.

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Post by Kister Bless »

That was so mean of him. Even if he had issues with Nadia, he shouldn't have deprived of his son the right to travel with the mother.
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Post by Ria710 »

That part of the book made me really sad. Children shouldn't be brought in the middle of parents issues.

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