What is your favorite memory with a friend?

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Re: What is your favorite memory with a friend?

Post by Ljessup »

My favorite memory with a friend would have to be when I played high school soccer. It was a team, but there were some individuals that I was closer to. Those were my best days and I often find myself thinking of them and missing them dearly. Every game, bus ride, loss, and win prepared me for life. Soccer was my constant and my backbone the majority of my life. When I think back on these memories I remember the friends I have on the team, of course, but soccer was my friend for the longest. Quite cheesy, but honest.
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Post by Soumeg »

We had earned our first income of 500 INR by participating in college contests. We were saving up every penny till that day to be able to visit one of the famous pizza parlors. The day we earned the prize, we roamed the our city, exploring new areas, visiting new places and finally visiting the pizza parlor which we had yearned for. The time spent with my friend on that particular day remains as the most favorite memory.
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May-an Tinangag
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Post by May-an Tinangag »

My favorite memory with my friend is when we do prank to our other friends. I do remember that one day, we went to the river and I told them that I don't want to swim then one of my friend pulled me and they laugh loud.

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Post by bookiegalke »

my favorite moment in my childhood with a friend was playing in the rain. we never got tired of that mischief till we Were 16
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Post by eelavahs-jay »

I've never been particularly close to anyone while growing up. I was always that child with her nose buried in a note or scribbling down poems in a notebook. My brothers did have a lot of friends and we used to play videogames occasionally. One memory I am fond of was one night when we decided to play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Clash in shifts (some slept while the others gamed) because we lost the memory card and didn't want to lose all our progress. There were about seven of us. It was fun.

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Post by Anjum »

My favorite memories include going out with my friends just to have some fun.
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