The Ninth Circle

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Re: The Ninth Circle

Post by cstegmil » 09 May 2017, 17:03

I am just getting into this series. Finished Ravens Peak, and just downloaded the 2nd book in the series. I personally prefer to read series books in chronological order. Any recommendations if I should read Arthurs story before finishing this series?
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Post by Janien van Rooyen » 31 May 2017, 02:33

I intend on reading it next. If it is anything like Raven's Peak, it's guaranteed that I won't be able to put it down
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Post by cawi3787 » 31 May 2017, 02:44

I intend on reading it next, it will be fun

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Post by ReviewerDiksha » 28 Jul 2017, 10:27

In the whole book, Arthur was the most interesting character to me despite his presence in just the prologue. The Ninth Circle definitely is on my reading list.

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Post by Anjum » 24 Nov 2017, 08:46

Yes. I think that there are a lot of questions unanswered and lot of facts unknown to us. I hope that they will be answered in the sequel.
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Post by Butterflybookworm » 12 Dec 2017, 00:55

I’ve read the book and the interest the Ninth Circle seemed to have about Arthur was almost an obsession. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this authors books are like.

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Post by inaramid » 15 Dec 2017, 02:14

The author made such a show of introducing Arthur that I am actually more interested in his storyline that the main plot thread. I wished that the book would focus on him more, since there seems to be a lot of mystery there.

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Post by TashaCrispin » 29 Mar 2018, 08:35

From the start, I felt like I'll enjoy reading about Arthur most due to his interesting thoughts but too bad. I am looking forward to reading the second book.
I really want to know why the council hates Arthur and how he lost his family. I want to understand how Abigael will bring him back.
I just loved the plot and the characters as a whole.

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Post by Vlinstry » 20 Apr 2018, 17:25

I'm really excited to read it now that I know it's a thing! If it's anything like the first one then I know I'll love it. And I just read the next two books in the series too.

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Post by Zimall » 13 Nov 2018, 09:44

I have just read a few pages of this book yet and i think that book will answer many questions that were left unanswered at the end of the Raven's Peak.
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Aniza Butt
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Post by Aniza Butt » 08 Mar 2019, 11:30

I have download this spin off but haven't read it yet. I think Aurthur's past would be revealed in this book.
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Post by Intuitive Catalyst » 05 Sep 2019, 08:25

I intend to read the entire series. It started off great and can only get better.

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