Favorite/Least Favorite Aspect(s) of the Book?

Discuss the April 2017 Book of the Month, Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole.

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Re: Favorite/Least Favorite Aspect(s) of the Book?

Post by fayetino »

The story is really good. it is fast paved and full of action. I liked hiw the prologue and interlude fit perfectly with the rest of the story. I didn't like that the religious aspect of this book is confusing. the book is fast paced but surely the author could have taken some time to explain this a bit better
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Post by Excitedreads »

Favourite: Prologue. Hooked me. Arthur's character reminded me of the priest/ messenger in the Da Vinci Code. Minus a few extras. I was drawn in by the blood thirst.
Also loved the play of humour between Haatim and Abigail. Loved Abigail's snide and sarcastic comments, and Haatim's innocence.
Not so much: i also wish we were introduced to Raven's Peak earlier. Found it shortlived. Wished there was more to it
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Post by MontyQ »

My favorite aspects of the book were its characters and its action scenes. Least favourite was probably the sudden power up near the ending, but even thats forgivable compared to the rest of the story.
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Post by Harrygx3 »

My favorite part was the fast pace of it and the descriptions of the scenes containing gore. The least favorite part was that the demons were too talkative and that was making them weak antagonists in the story. I would love to see them being smarter and scarier, that would make the book way better.

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Post by Mekkinism »

I really wished the book had been about Arthur, actually. I found it much more compelling when things weren't being overly explained. Once Haatim entered the picture, then there were whole sections that were just pages and pages of dialogue catching him up to speed, which I think could have been handled better.

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Post by Doug Jones »

My favorite part was the developing relationship between Abigail and Haatim. My least favorite part was the cliffhanger ending.
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Post by NhkeiraT »

Favorite: I enjoyed Haatim's banter and his somewhat of a relationship with Abigail.
I loved the prologue and I would've liked the ending to be about Arthur and how Abigail had released him etc.

Least Favorite: It was a great book. But sometimes things didn't really correlate.

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Post by labibliofile »

Favourite: The prologue, the depiction of the little boy as the demon and the scenes written with him, Haatim's fight with the demon and the epilogue.

Least favourite: Typos and grammatical errors.
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Post by Aniza Butt »

The action scenes were portrayed very well. They were so realistic. It felt like it was all happening around me. The least favourite part was Haatim's fragility. Whenever there was danger, he simply blacked out.
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Post by Brandy C »

Arthur was by far the most interesting character and the best part of the book for me. He initially drew me to the book and I was disappointed his character was ”terminated” so early. My least favorite character would have to be Haatim. He just felt flat and lacking. Even accounting for his lack of depth, the worse part of his character was his ignorance about demons. For someone who had studied all types of religions, his ignorance of demons was off-putting and unbelievable. Even if he hadn't studied religion, his father was a very religious man. His lack of knowledge did not make sense with his background and field of study.
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Post by lucia_kizas »

ashley_claire wrote:
03 Apr 2017, 07:36
My favorite parts were also the prologue and when they actually get to Raven's Peak. My least favorite would probably just be Haatim and his inability to get with the program faster. I get that hunting demons is something he never expected to do, but sometimes I just wanted to shake him for being so inexperienced with things that seem like common sense.
I actually liked that Haatim was not a perfect character. I mean, he was pretty reluctant to do anything, chickening too much, and failing, instead of becoming a perfect demon hunter to save the day. I quite liked that Abigail was the one to save the day most of the time :)

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Post by Intuitive Catalyst »

The prologue, kick-arse Abigail and her sarcastic and snide comments to Hashim wishy-washiness were very well done. I had to agree with her all the way! Least favourite although it worked in the book was Hashim's screaming like a biatch. It was hilarious, sometimes unexpected but it did become a bit much. Thankfully, he grew a spine!

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