Do you believe in exorcism or possessed?

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Re: Do you believe in exorcism or possessed?

Post by Sakilunamermaid » 18 Mar 2018, 16:54

I say that it is absolutely not alright to test otherworldly or unknown forces. Possession is a very real possibility and looking into the history of churches and exorcisms is intense.

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Post by Ginge » 18 Mar 2018, 17:27

I believe that the answer lies within both the scientific realm and paranormal. People only use 10% of their brain and when it's damaged, other parts of the brain may try and compensate and may trigger something that is not of the world that most people see. This is what I have come up with after working with people with unique differences.

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Post by KRay93 » 27 Mar 2018, 20:41

If you believe in these things, you believe in the existence of the soul and life after death. It's not my case. I believe that they were misinterpreted situations, or whose facts were taken out of proportion. We shouldn't forget that this type of situations solidify the position and purpose of the church in our society. You have to come up with a way to attract believers to your church, right?

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Post by Vg345 » 27 Mar 2018, 22:03

I like it as a plot characteristic. I do not believe that it happens in real life.
Come on, though... any other spn fans here??

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Post by simplymica26 » 15 Jun 2018, 21:43

I do believe in demon and evil spirit. I also witnessed my schoolmate possessed but I don't know if someone do an exorcism. I haven't seen one and like others, I would like to see one to confirm

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Post by pricklypurple » 30 Jun 2018, 08:27

I don't believe in demonic possession. I think we need to take responsibility for our actions and not blame evil deeds on supernatural sources.

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Post by Doug Jones » 30 Sep 2018, 16:32

This is a tricky question to answer. On the one hand, I've never had any personal experience of any such phenomena myself, and am aware of many of the arguments made to logically explain how such ideas are irrational or misguided. On the other hand, I've heard believable eyewitness testimony from very intelligent people who have no apparent reason to fabricate their testimony. In summary, I'm doubtful of such phenomena, but am open-minded to the possibility. A fence-sitting position, I know, but it's my honest view.

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Post by Intuitive Catalyst » 05 Sep 2019, 11:05

There must be balance, as there is white so must there be black. I have witnessed with my own eyes and observed psychic surgery and such performed by shamans of many culture. I can therefore say for sure that see cannot logically explain the unseen.

The evil that men do are the dark, twisted, hurtful deeds that they think, hide and carry out in secret. That is what I call evil and it's all right here. Man-made. That is why we human beings respond to vibrations, feelings, gut instinct, intuition or whatever each calls it. It's our internal divining rod to guide us away or towards what serves us best. That's my best answer.

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