Bullying and Abuse. (3rd chapter SPOILER)

Discuss the January 2017 Book of the Month, We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson.
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Re: Bullying and Abuse. (3rd chapter SPOILER)

Post by dosenron877 »

That behavior could probably be because of his relationship with Marcus. Given that relationship, I would call Marcus's behavior physical and emotional abuse. Do you agree? Do you think the way Henry reacts is typical?
Yep, it was physical and emotional abuse and the relationship with Marcus was a big part of it but there was a bit more. Marcus was rich and occupied a higher level in society than Henry. He also was popular, he had a "crew." Combine those things with the relationship and you come up with nothing but despair and resignation on the part of Henry. It is very difficult for outside elements, like teachers, to interfere. Parental reaction to teacher help opens up a huge area of possible litigation.
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Post by hailvilla18 »

In this book, Henry suffered both mental and physical abuse from Marcus and his friends. It is hurtful because someone who mocks and scorns him are the ones close to him. I admire Henry's strength when he stood up for himself.
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Post by Kaili K »

Henry has definitely suffered a lot of emotional blows to the point where he was not able to defend himself. Even so, you must question what would happen if he did stand up for himself. Considering Marcus has a whole posse, if Henry were to fight back, Marcus and his friends could easily gang up on Henry and torment him even more. On the other hand, if you don't stand up for yourself, how can you stop the bullying? If you can't help yourself, then find someone who can help you or help you help your self.
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Post by MaricelBaby »

I believe that the reaction of Henry is typical. he did not fight back or react aggressively because Marcus is his friend. However, in a situation wherein Henry is already aggravated and physically bullied then he must do something that is necessary because at the end of the day friendship could not give everything that you want in life. Learn how to take a risk if it is for your betterment even it would be at the expense of your friendship.
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Post by Ckennedy »

I definitely agree that the behavior is abusive. Unfortunately, "love is blind" definitely applies to this situation.
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Post by Anjum »

Donnavila Marie01 wrote:Bullying is one of our problems among the young. We have laws but these laws are not strictly implemented. Sometimes, the young are not aware of their rights against bullying.
Yeah, I agree with that.
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Post by Miranda Alex »

Henry has undoubtedly had several emotional setbacks that have left him unable to defend himself. But you have to wonder what would happen if he did defend himself. If Henry were to fight back, Marcus and his buddies might simply team up against him and humiliate him even more given that they have a large posse at their disposal. On the other hand, how can you end the bullying if you don't speak out for yourself? Find someone who can assist you if you can't help yourself, or ask for aid if you need it.
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