Legends and Myths

Discuss the November 2016 Book of the Month, Roan: The Tales Of Conor Archer by E. R. Barr.
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Atomixx Blends
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Re: Legends and Myths

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loved it...

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Not too much weight....

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I think there is a certain kernel of truth in myths and legends of different countries. I like to mine them for story ideas, mostly. I also like to read them. Grendel is a great example, or knights of the round table, those types of stories tend to inspire me to write.
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First of all the word "Legend" is epic in general. Legends and myths are what make history and life in general interesting! Facts are logical and good to know, but legends are the heart of a matter. Legends, I think, are for the romantic souls (romantic in the original sense of the word). I like Legends, they inspire, thrill, and excite me.
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I love the Pipes of Pan. Not only it is a myth that is associated with my favorite music society Sigma Alpha Iota, but it is a very beautiful story.

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Shashikant N Sharma
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India is a country of legends and myths.

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I have heard about bloody mary and candy man just to name a few. I saw a couple youtube videos of people trying them. I also read about different legends through websites from my google search engine. Has any heard about the blue baby or the weeping lady?

L Bucher
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I love a good myth/legend story, but as far as believing in any of them goes, I don't tend to put a lot of faith in them. They're more entertainment than anything!

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Post by Orchids47 »

I find books on Appalachian/mountain folklore and myths to be quite humorous and some are quite true.
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Post by Eahagan »

I am Native American and our myths are a huge part of our culture. Some of them reflect early tribal religions but others are reflective of our history and general moral beliefs. Most of our stories are taught to us like Aesop's fables and they show our attitudes towards nature and other people. Many of us don't believe all of the old myths, but I think that myths and legends are great way to tell what a society values. My favorite character is Silver Fox.

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Post by Magickangel102 »

I think there are many legends or myths that are real. Not real as in the exact way they are described or told but I beleive they stem from a truth that then is bulked up with the fantasies of people's minds. There are some that are completely made up for the use of teaching a lesson

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Post by eelavahs-jay »

I love when legends and myths are creatively spun to create new worlds and unique situations in books. I'm a very skeptical person so as it relates to the real world, folklores are just tales told to entertain or frighten young kids. I've dabbled a bit into Greek and Japanese mythology, whilst fascinating I can't say that I believe much of it.

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Well, there are certain myths that I believe because I have experienced them in real life. But I generally stay away from myths and keep my belief in science.
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When I was in school. I learned about Greek Mythology. It was very interesting. I enjoyed reading them. I studied and practiced Occultism for 30 years+ I learned Wicca, Druidism, Voodoo and many Pagan beliefs. I read alot of books in my life. It kept my insanity. I am a believer of Jesus Christ. My religion is "LOVE". But I take some of each thing I have learned from these beliefs and intertwine them into Christianity. I am very open minded and I do not judge anyone on what they want to believe. I want to study more on Norse Viking Mythology. Because my last name Lott is derived from the Norse people. I haven't reviewed legends and Myths yet. But would like to.

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