Featured Review by Jaykik -- The Last Assassination

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Featured Review by Jaykik -- The Last Assassination

Post by Jaykik »

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Last Assassination" by James E Doucette.]
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The Last Assassination by James E. Doucette is an action-packed political thriller. It is an eye opener to what happens among world leaders/government and in the political world. The plot of the book revolves around the US and the Middle East.

The story began when a mis-directed US drone attacked a hospital in Aleppo, Syria. The US was allegedly blamed for this attack. The US military, in a bid to justify theirselves, had no choice than to put the blame on Jesse Plotnick, the drone operator.

To prove Jesse's innocence, his father, Mark Plotnick (a former Mossad member), enlisted the help of his friends, who served together with him in the Israelis army, in discovering the perpetrator who had done this evil. Who is responsible for mis-directing the drone? Who bombed the hospital in Aleppo, Syria? Will Mark and his friends uncover the culprit?

The Last Assassination by James E. Doucette is a vivid picture of the happenings in our modern world. The political race, rift and strife among countries are so real today to the extent that the government is so caught up in it to the detriment of the poor masses. The government in realising this, tends to strive for peace and unity and also to form allies among all nations which, however, some try to sabotage by causing all sorts of mishaps and mayhem as seen in this book.

This book is action-packed and fast-paced as scenes come into view in quick succession. The plot is very engaging with wonderful characters that one can easily familiarize with. The story is filled with suspense as it leaves one gripping the edge of one's seat as the scenes unfold. I was captivated as I read this book and became dazzled upon its completion.

One of the things I like about this book is that it gave me more knowledge about our world, and I'm able to know about places I've not been to in my real life. Scenes of places like the US White House, the Saudi Arabia Palace and its environs are incentives to look forward to in this book.

The author has craftily and successfully woven family life into this political thriller as he weaves between the major characters' family and politics. I also liked this about the book as it further made the reader connect more with these characters.

This book also has its own share of history and wonderful moral lessons for all. I recommend it for lovers of political and action thrillers. Also, to those who wish to increase their knowledge of the world and the tenet of politics, this is the book for you.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It was professionally edited, and good use of English language was employed. The author used words that were simple and easy to understand and at the same time maintained the efficacy of the book.

The Last Assassination
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Ekta Swarnkar
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Post by Ekta Swarnkar »

I totally loved the review.. I am looking forward to reading the book.
Carrison kirwa
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Post by Carrison kirwa »

the review is so good .am looking forward to read this book to know how the americans soldier could explain themselves to the syrian and the reason which jesse plotnick gave to the soldiers and government
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Post by Letora »

Great review! Sounds like not only a great read for entertainment, but for learning as well.
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Post by evansriobamauti »

a good review of the book as it keep you eager to get to read the book to understand parts of other places you have never been like USA
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Post by c4bersg1rl »

First, thank you for your in depth review. I am not a huge fan of political anything, but I just might give this one a read. Sounds very interesting that is gives insight into our current political affairs.
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Post by Jampelom »

Wow I like this review made by Jaykik, it’s all about politics that plays dirty hand with the people. Poor mass has to be blame if there is any problem that are related to the government because some times they tried to be so clean even if are responsible for the cause. Here in the book , The last assasination by James E Doucette, Poor Jesse plotnic has to be blame for the cause and that also just by being the drone operator. it’s so sad to see poor innocent has to lose in the eye of the big elite . I would probably loved to read the book 🙏
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Post by SherHus »

The review gave good insight into the book and it made me think I would want to add this book to my book list to read.
Amara Bright
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Post by Amara Bright »

Nice review am looking forward to read the book.
It sounds so interesting, especially this paragraph "This book is action-packed and fast-paced as scenes come into view in quick succession. The plot is very engaging with wonderful characters that one can easily familiarize with. The story is filled with suspense as it leaves one gripping the edge of one's seat as the scenes unfold. I was captivated as I read this book and became dazzled upon its completion".
I would like to add it to my book shelves.
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Post by juliusotieno02 »

Honestly, your summary was a little short, but you perfectly made up for it by giving a very elaborate analysis of events in the book. Thanks for the good review.
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miracle ibezimako
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Post by miracle ibezimako »

The review is nice, has a lot of insight on both side.craftive and it explore one's imagination. Love it.
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Post by SpiritPhoenix »

I love books that are fast-paced and also manage to educational in the process. Great review. Can't wait to actually read this one!
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Post by zagabi »

The Last Assassination is a story by James E. Doucette, about a miss directed US drone that hit a hopital in Syria. It reminded me of the movie 24 season 9, where the Innocent operator carry the blame.
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Post by Jeni_D19 »

This book sounds different with the story focusing on a Mossad operative defending an American military man. I would find it very interesting to see the differences between the two. It sounds like an intriguing story that I would enjoy reading. Thanks for the inspiring review.
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Post by emiliawheelman »

Heard of the book but never got round to reading it. This has inspired me to order it so I'm going to get to it straight away :)
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