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adventures in writing

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 12:37
by jtomikel
When I was quite young I wrote about religious topics. I had a manuscript prepared and eventually submitted it to three different editors. In the text I used the word "pogrom." All three editors rejected it and commented and corrected the spelling to program. Ha. and these were professionals in religious literature. My second story is about my introduction to science topics. I was an assistant professor at a small college at the time and I wrote a book on the geography and geology of my area. It was rejected and I contacted the editor as to why. He wasn't quite so sure about the rejection and he said, "It reads like somebody wrote it." True and I laughed about it and still do to this day. I took out all the humanity in the manuscript and it was eventually published. Another point was made, "One should not give human characteristics to inanimate objects in scientific writing." John Tomikel

Re: adventures in writing

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 14:14
by gali
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Re: adventures in writing

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 00:34
by rssllue
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