EndGame..... Thoughts..?

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Re: EndGame..... Thoughts..?

Post by rubinelli »

Still feeling raw after losing a lot of our favorite characters. :(
OML THOR!!!! I laughed so loud! I'm excited to see him interact with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
I really want to know what happened with the alternate universe Loki with the Tessaract...

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Post by Hutygags »

ElizaPeaks wrote:
25 Jul 2019, 08:22
I was also disappointed with Captain Marvel's role in the film. Everyone I knew was raving about how she was going to be the one to end Thanos, and while this felt a little strange due the fact that she was a newly introduced character into this movie series, I was excited to see her defeat him. I understand that she destroyed a lot of Thanos's army and that the fight mightn't have been won without her, but I also think that, if they had chosen to exclude her from the movie, they still would have found a way to make it work. Her role was underwhelming.
They sorta created an unwinnable scenario for themselves with her. If she had defeated Thanos, I think there would have been a pretty nasty backlash that this new character, retconned in at the eleventh hour, had saved the day. But as it is, like you said, it's sorta frustrating that it seems like she maybe should have beaten him, and that takes some of the wind out of the third act solution's sails, because the third act solution is supposed to be surprising and inevitable; if we can see an alternative way things could have worked with Tony surviving, the frustration of knowing the other possibility takes us out of the story, and robs some of the poignancy from his death.

I feel like Captain Marvel's main plot function in the movie (which I understand was filmed before her solo picture had even been written) was to bring Iron Man back to Earth at the beginning. Her contribution to the final battle, while crowd-pleasing, could have been written out with a couple of minor tweaks, but getting Stark back home at the beginning of the movie would have been the trickier writing challenge.

I think they had the opposite rationale for giving Pepper Potts her Rescue armor, her helmet was planted in the beginning for a payoff in the end, but I don't think the main reason was for her to fight. It was fun to see her fight and all (although if her contribution to the fight had been removed, the movie wouldn't have suffered), but the dramatic motivation for putting her on the battlefield was so that she could be in close proximity for when Tony died.

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Post by cdhundley »

I thought it was an excellent accomplishment and capstone to all of the movies that came before.

I saw that Kevin Feige announced the Fantastic Four were coming in Phase 4...given the challenges with the first two adaptations, I am only cautiously optimistic at this point. The inclusion of the FF opens the MCU up to a WHOLE lot of potential stories.
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Post by Dan_Wellock »

I personally enjoyed Infinity War more. In Endgame, the first two hours were really dry. I think that it would have been better if they had been released back to back because Endgame was basically like an immediate continuation. It was entertaining! Although, my friend kept hitting on the girl sitting next to me the whole time. :lol2:
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Post by Felicity Granger »

Still not over it. It received so much criticism though honestly I couldn't find much fault with it, except for the issue where they tried to fit too much of the comic story line in it and confused a lot of people who weren't familiar with them so the general audience didn't get the significance of certain things unless they were explained. I hope they pan out and include of the lesser known heroes and villains for phase 4 - introducing new characters will create room for new concepts and avenues to take.

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Post by Ekta Swarnkar »

I think that they settled the stories of the previous movies with the Endgame finely. However, the death of Iron Man was the real pain.
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Post by mrnobody3 »

The plot was a bit slower than Infinity War but I liked the character development of all the characters especially the original six. The fight scene was also amazing and overall it's one of my memorable scenes because it was the last fight for the original avengers members.

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Post by Inkroverts »

Endgame doesn't really feel like an endgame to me. They always find ways to continue the story on and on. Falcon is Captain America now, Tony's daughter is going to play a part in the story and Spiderman... nevermind. So even though the story is elaborated and the visuals are cool, I don't really feel the sense of finale.

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Post by Browneh »

I'm so disappointed in Endgame to be completely honest.

I was really upset about Captain America (Steve Rogers) end. I couldn't imagine going so far back into the past after spending years embracing the future. It really broke me.

Although Iron Man's end was upsetting, I feel it was a beautiful conclusion to his story arc, so I can appreciate it.

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Post by sschatzberg »

As someone not really into Marvel films, I thought Endgame was pretty good. It had some emotional parts but I didnt get as excited as some others. I'm probably not gonna see phase 4.

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Post by Atara Miles »

Can't wait for what comes next, honestly. I liked that the movie incorporated some of the major parts of the comics with scenes and phrases and inside jokes. I'm gonna miss some of the actors, not gonna lie. It's going to be hard later on if they decide to do a reboot of the characters with new actors because I've gotten so used to this period's actors and can't see anyone else in their roles.

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Post by Leyla Ann »

It was decent, a little bit overrated, but still, I enjoyed it until the very end.
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Post by slj3988 »

Not as good as Infinity War. It was hard to follow 3 hours with so many characters gone. I think they went too far with the Hulk well adjusted to society. In Avengers 1 him talking was a fun gimmick that wore off quickly. I actually preferred Ragnarok
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Post by Strangeminds »

To be Frank, I did not live upto my expectations,though it is a really brilliant creation. I could not get over Iron man's and black widows death. I feel like the infinity war was so thrilling that I felt the Endgame to be a bit dull than the former. But none of the above points could lessen its value as it is one of the most crucial and outstanding movies of the avenger movies.

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Post by KatCguD »

I'm still not over this movie. It basically ripped my heart out and I'm not okay.

I will say though, I really disliked how they gave Tony Stark a daughter. She was basically a plot device to compound the sadness of his story line. Aside from that, I think it was a good movie. Not the best of the Marvel films, but not at all the worst either

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