What's your most favorite type of ice cream?

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Re: What's your most favorite type of ice cream?

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I've always been a lover of Rum and Raisin Ice cream
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Amna Khalid
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Chocolate and Mango.
Amna Khalid
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Vanilla with chunks of cake or chocolate with chunks of brownies.
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Courtney Hughes
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Tillamook Mudslide, Rocky Road, Blue Bell’s The Great Divide. I also love Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream and Phish Food. I love ice cream!
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T T 2
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I like to try different flavours of ice cream but lately, I have been loving the salted caramel ice cream of Haeagen-Dazs.
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CarolandHarper wrote: 31 Mar 2020, 18:52 My most favorite ice cream is Vanilla. It has a smooth taste to it and I especially love homemade vanilla ice cream
Homemade vanilla ice cream is absolutely amazing!
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usef nahg
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cookies and cream ice cream or cookie dough :)))
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Brett Linette
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I love cookie dough ice cream, although it does have a tendency to give me a toothache. That I don't love.
Susan Gibbs
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I also like most flavours, as long as it's ice cream, it is enjoyable. It's difficult to bear plain old vanilla. Then add cherries and nuts and chocolate sprinkles. Enjoy it in a cone or in a bowl.
Inge van Tonder
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I love bubblegum or cream soda flavours! But honestly, any ice cream! I have yet to find a flavor I don’t like!
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I'll take any chocolate ice cream. I used to like such street ice creams, but now I prefer the ice cream available in supermarkets. Chocolate ice cream is one of my favorite desserts and has long been a source of comfort for me.
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Laura P 2
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I know lot of people hate this but I just love mint ice cream :D
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Kidd Essence
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Might favorite ice cream flavor is Birthday cake or cotton candy or plain vanilla.
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Mutegude wrote: 14 Mar 2019, 08:07 I was just laying around eating my favorite treat Neapolitan ice cream. I was wondering how many type of ice creams are in the world and what types of ice cream do people enjoy.

So then i decided to ask. What type of ice cream do YOU enjoy/like?
Sincerely, I have only had Vanilla and chocolate flavors. I don’t know what others taste like. Although I would love to try them out someday. However I prefer chocolate to Vanilla
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All goes well for me
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