What Did You Cook/bake Today?

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Fernando Purba
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Re: What Did You Cook/bake Today?

Post by Fernando Purba »

honestly today my family doesn't cook, because all of us are going on vacation. Until now I want a roast pork dish with a sliced green chili soy sauce sliced

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Emi Waseimoala
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Post by Emi Waseimoala »

I made cheesecake for the first time!! Nothing fancy, just straight out plain cheesecake. The recipe was from You Tube and it turned out so fine. Will be making more in the future and with pictures included.

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Today I cooked boiled matooke, but with onions, tomatoes, curry powder and salt. I also added three chapatis.

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Post by tsh1001 »

Breakfast Menu: Cinnamon pancakes & Turkey sausage
Lunch Menu: Tostino pizza :D
Dinner Menu: Marinated Grilled Chicken, Pasta salad, & Sweet Corn

Dessert: Dark Chocolate brownies with Dark Chocolate frosting. (Happy bday week, hubby...)
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Post by Anonymus »

I am vegetarian, so I decided to try a new recipe I found on fish fillets, made out of tofu and spinach! We also added mango to spice it up a bit with some mango! I found it very enjoyable and will definitely be making more!

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Post by char8026 »

I finally made a homemade lazy chicken pot pie last night. It turned out so good. I am sad that there weren't any leftovers for lunch.
I found a plain shredded chicken at Walmart. No spices just plain chicken. I made a roux with flour, butter, chicken broth, salt, and pepper. Then I added some mixed frozen vegetables, about two cups. I baked some biscuits to put on the top. I can't wait to make it again.

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Post by SurroundedByBooks »

Mini meringues. Well, I helped my son make them. He wanted to take some treats for a sleepover.
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Post by Torimarch11 »

Tonight's homecooked meal. I made baked pork chops seasoned just right in Mushroom Gravy. With mashed potatoes, fried breaded okra and sweet cornbread. Sweet Tea to finish up a great nights meal. Might I say. No leftovers to put up. Family ate every bit.

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Post by Tehreem123 »

I have cooked a very tasty Crispy Tender Potato Balls. They were very delicious. They made my evening joyous.

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Post by Nafeza10 »

The last time I baked was about a week ago. It was Fruits Cake. My favorite type of cake.

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Post by Cherokeechee »

Made stuffed shells today! Got inspiration from a book called homesteading it’s a backyard guide to so much fun and exciting things. De finally learned a lot from this book! Teaches you how to grow your own food,canning, herbal medicine, raising chickens, crafting, etc very Insightful

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Post by leareiler »

Just made some Crepes this morning ! I love to make them, a long process but worth it.

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Post by Carolreads30 »

I currently have a meatloaf in the oven for dinner while working on here. I need to do quite a few things online today so I needed something that could go in the oven. I might bake a cake later today.

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Post by Gravy »

I made scones a few days ago.

To preface, I am not a scone loving person, but I had been in the mood for them for awhile and a recipe serendipitously came up from one of my favorite internet food peeps.

Oh. My. *#$&?!

These are the best scones. Ever.
I just keep eating them. A little butter, a little jam, and I have a little cloud of heaven on my plate. :drool:
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Post by Spontaneo »

Today, March 17, 2020, I am making loaded nachos for dinner. A little beef, cheese, black beans and Catalina dressing on top of a bed of tortilla chips. Now I am hangry!
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