do you still go to library for a book

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Re: do you still go to library for a book

Post by JoeyG01 »

Yes. My local library has a huge selection of books which are available in ebook format. So that works great with my computer/ipad

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Post by pixiequeer »

I used to always go to the library with my grandma because that was really my only way of getting books to read.

I don't anymore, mainly because I live in different state and don't have a library card for this library, but I have thought about going and getting one.

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Post by blahthelarry6 »

The library use to be the one place I wanted to be when I was younger, but when I was in high school I noticed how judgy the libarians were. It might have been just me. Either way, I got really uncomfortable going there. I also could never find what I specifically wanted. Like I want a epic fantasy with an LGBT character that isn't centered around them coming out and I was too nervous to ever ask for help.

It's unfortunate because the library was the only place I liked in my small town.

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Post by chelhack »

Yes I still go to the library. I am aware that almost every thing nowadays is ran by computer but I still believe in keeping up on things that were present before computers were so utilized. Plus, I feel that it’s important to teach my child things like the way books are categorized and how to read the cards to find the location of where the book is in the library.
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Post by Christineegm »

The library is pretty much the only place I do go! It saves a lot of money and I find it soothing to browse the shelves. Although I do like to browse in bookstores or online my wallet disagrees.

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Post by Taekwondoqueen »

I will spend hours at a time at the library because it is easy and free and I can have as many books that I want. I prefer the library to a bookstore or an ebook.

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Post by swlly »

Yes! I try to support as much as I can. It helps the community and environment.

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Post by Ruba Abu Ali »

I do. The library is one of my favorite places. I am in love with bookshelves and the scent of paper.

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Post by Kiisme »

No, only go to the library when I have a research paper due.
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Post by Cher432 »

Unfortunately I stopped going to the library as they have not updated their stock in a while but I will definitely check it out again if they do update.

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Post by 1ditzyrn »

I love the library, especially if I am wanting to read a book that is expensive and I'm not sure I'll like it. I also like to take my children to the library and let them pick out various books to read. They particularly enjoy Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, so the library is a good place for them to be able to read all of the books in each respective series.

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Post by ems2 »

I live far away from a library, so I generally download the books I want to read. I like to own books, so I would buy them - not for full price. I have my own private library. Do any of you know about the little libraries you put in your yard? I would like to do that, but I don't know whether I have to belong to something first.

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Post by E_Thompson7 »

Ohhhh yeah! Our local library is pleasantly cozy, and I'm positive that we have the sweetest librarians in the state.

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Post by juliamenez »

I like spending time in libraries, though I haven't needed to check out a book in a while since joining this group! Sometimes, I will rent a travel guidebook from the library right before going out of town.

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Post by T_stone »

Yes, only when studying for exams and need to be away from friends or family
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