do you still go to library for a book

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Re: do you still go to library for a book

Post by strawberrysab »

As much as I do most of the reading on the phone, I opt for paperback for my favorite writers. So yes, I still visit libraries, sometimes to buy, sometimes just to look at all the covers and wait for the perfect one to scream "Buy me!"
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Post by Helga_ »

Visiting libraries sometimes lifts my spirits when I feel low! And I gotta take full advantage of all these city libraries cuz I do pay my taxes (haha). Plus, it's nice to see people doing their own reading and feel a sense of comradery. You know, nowadays reading is sometimes considered as one of hobbies for those who "have no life." Some people obviously never check out their local libraries :roll: I don't really enjoy staying there, though. Kinda stuffy and too quiet for my taste.

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Cheska Fule
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Post by Cheska Fule »

I only go to our library to borrow educational books, because usually, the interesting books or novels I'm looking for cannot be found in our local libraries.

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Post by JuliaKay »

Sometimes I like to go to the library. Its still less expensive and it's just a place that I like being.
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Post by DATo »

I've got a home library of well over 3,000 books of classic literature, art, history, philosophy, and many other subjects. I am not real big on contemporary literature since there are still so many classics (both fiction and nonfiction) I have not read, so, for example, I am now reading The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon which I have meant to read for literally decades.

I do visit the library for the odd new book which has been recommended to me or to borrow videos, and I value my local library tremendously for many reasons, but most of my reading material comes from my own bookcases the contents of which have been collected over a very long period of time.
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Post by dtb »

I do. I love our local library. It is a hive of activity and everyone seems to be smiling a lot.

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Post by Shruti_59 »

I prefer going to book stores rather than going to the libraries. There is something about the book store the smell of books be it old or new which is very satisfying and also when you turn the page of your new books.

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Post by kfwilson6 »

I agree with DATo. I don't normally care to buy books. My library has 2 electronic systems to borrow e-books and if there is something I can't find on the e-library then I will go borrow the hard copy of it. I am about 95% digital now with my reading. I do enjoy going to the library when they have used book sales though. It's usually only 50 cents or $1 per book and it supports the library.

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Post by Ronaponka »

Yes i still want to go borrow books at the library because some books in there might have the answers that youre looking and its not present in the internet . and books there really mean it and sometimes i find books there interesting.

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Post by RabidFox »

I don't normally check out books at a library. I will check out films, but not books. My problem with the library is that you have a due date. When I sit down to read something, I like to have control of when I am going to read it. When borrowing a book, control is taken away and I have no choice but to try to read the book as quickly as possible. That can be very difficult when you do a lot of other things too. I mean, I've always read a lot, however, it's so much more psychologically comfortable to know that you have control of the book. Especially since novels can be pretty long and you have to make sure you spend so much time everyday on the book. Otherwise, you quickly run out of days.

My alternative is to actually purchase the book in used condition. It's easier on me that way.

But the library can still be a fun place to explore.

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Post by khusnick »

I go to the library whenever I can. I don't have the money or the space to buy books as much as I would like to, so the library really helps out with that. Plus, the library is two gorgeous buildings filled with more books than I could ever dream of reading. I love browsing the shelves and knowing everything I look at is available for me to read for free.

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Post by Mely918 »

I don't go to libraries nearly as much as I used to as a young kid. I do go every once in awhile for the nostalgia, but I find it more difficult to do these days with the convenience of online shopping.

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Post by f-callisaya »

My local library's collection is terrible for what I want to read but participates in a regional system that I often request from. Two years ago I would have had to say "not really", but since the end of last year most of my books have come through my local library if not directly from it.

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Post by thaservices1 »

Yes. I love hunting through crinkled spines.
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Just not the same.
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Post by Dael Reader »

Absolutely. Since I can't really afford to buy books, the library is my primary source of reading material. I also borrow ebooks from the library, which doesn't require an actual visit to the place of course. But I attend a book club at my local library branch and also check out DVDs frequently, so I'd say I'm in the building at least once a week.

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