When you have kids are you going to make them read?

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Re: When you have kids are you going to make them read?

Post by zarah_ »

Yes! I want them to enjoy reading as much as I do. I think one way to get them interested is to read with them while they are still young.

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Post by Sweetp120 »

I honestly struggle with this one myself currently. growing up my mom didn't force me to do anything I didn't want to do, and that's what I ultimately want for my son who is currently 9 months old. BUT, here is my issue. I already have a small library for him, literally; my husband hated how many books I picked up for him while he was in the hospital, but he's 9 months old, and he does not understand fully what we say at this point as his brain is still developing. and because of him being born premature we've found that he has both issues due to prematurity and congenial issues, but again because of his age he can only see blurs and shapes; so if he cant see very well how do I read to him and show him the pictures?
I want him to learn to read so he can have a bright and happy future but what if it comes down to it that he can't? do I then buy him audible books to get him interested? But my biggest question and hurdle I am facing is when is the right to time to actually start reading with my baby?

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Post by K Geisinger »

Make them read, no. However, reading starts looking much better when other distractions go away. I want to encourage my children to enjoy reading like I do. Part of that is quiet evenings, especially if you visit somewhere without a TV or internet connection. I'd honestly be happy whether she reads or goes and plays outside.
Sweetp120 wrote:
09 Oct 2018, 14:04
But my biggest question and hurdle I am facing is when is the right to time to actually start reading with my baby?
My personal opinion is now. He will be getting stimulation and parent/baby time. The world is a new and exciting place, explore both the real and the imaginary. I'm due in less than a month and we have a large baby library from generous friends and family donating new and used books. My husband never grew up loving books and he wants to see our daughter enjoy reading instead of it being a chore. She's going to get stories from the beginning, not because she'll understand the plot, but she will know my voice and associate books with a relaxing evening.
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Post by Sweetp120 »

That makes sense! and I definitely did not think of it in a way to bond with my little man. Thank you for the insight! Congrats btw on the new little baby, I pray that you and baby have a safe and quick delivery and that little one is healthy entering this world!

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Post by teevic_o »

I imagine that if you force them into it, they'll repel against it more. Maybe the least I could do is just tell them why I love some of favourites, and then maybe they'll love them too and become curious enough to discover more and more books.

Or I'll just bribe them with something they like. (Long as they produce a full on review like we be doing on OBC)
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Melekwe Anthony
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Post by Melekwe Anthony »

Most certainly.
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Post by Thokchom Alice »

It's completely their choice. Just to express my wish, I wish them to pick up a different interest because I love diversity in the family
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Post by Ksharmilla »

I would start by reading to them as babies so that it's perfectly well ingrained into them. I have been reading ever since I can remember and I would love if my kids also develop that love for reading.

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Post by chelhack »

Yes, I will make my children read in a way. But, I will not force it upon them if they are not missing/neglicting school assignments because of not reading. But, my daughter was born 27 weeks early all of 2 lbs and 3 1/2 ounces and I read to her every day while she was in the nic-u. We currently read books together still so hopefully she will.l continue to enjoy reading as much as I do.
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Post by Firefawkes »

I would never force anyone to read, but I grew up with a love of reading because my parents always read to me! My boyfriend is the opposite, his parents were never readers so he never really got into it until recently. I would definitely read children books and let them decide for themselves!

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Post by MandyP »

I used to read to my step son when he was 3-5 years old, but once he started school home reading was expected any way. At first he hated it, but once he got better at it and gained confidence he really enjoyed it. Plus he knew how much I loved reading. He's now 9 and loves to read books beyond his level and even won an award at school for the most advancement in his year in reading!
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Post by Kibetious »

I think in this next generation and the subsequent ones, it may not help much forcing someone to do it anything, leave alone the kids. It will be good to expose them to the world of books of course and perhaps help them appreciate a reading culture. This does not have to be done forcefully or else they will be put off.
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Post by FayIce401 »

Reading is not bad,it educates, informs so having a child that's reads or likes Reading should make me happy.

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Post by lisalynn »

It's pretty hard to "make" kids do anything they don't want to do. As parents, we can expose our children to books and the joys of reading and hope it takes.

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Post by ayomie »

I plan to help them love reading. It's one of the best gifts I can give.
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