Why do you like reading?

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Re: Why do you like reading?

Post by love_jackline »

Reading relieves me of stress... It's also enjoyable and fun

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Daniel Muky
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Post by Daniel Muky »

I think the very first answer I always give to such a question is 'my unquenchable love for knowledge' ...it's true...but inwardly I know too I love to escape reality!!

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Post by Tam_R0se »

I like reading because a good book and a good author can change or shape my perspective of a subject. Some of my opinions and attitudes were shaped by books read during my childhood. I also learn how to better my own writing by reading excellent authors.

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Post by Pocoyo »

Well first of all, I LOVE reading. I love reading because as a child and even now, I've never had much luck at making friends. But as Will Herondale once said, and I can't put it better myself, “It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.”
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince
In every book, there's an entire world that you can be transported to, new people to meet, adventures to go on. And its all there in the palm of your hands. If that's not magic then I don't know what is.

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Post by Giga51087 »

I love readin beacuse I enjoy a good story in mi rest time. I love to read beacuse reading its like breathing for me.
Instead of playing videogames i strongly recomend readding.

You can travel arround the world enjoy the experiences of thousands of lives from a seat or your bed. Yo can know cultures and people around the world their lifestyle and experiences.Or you can go to another worlds travel acros spacetime in new fantastic worlds, enjoy fantastic battles form the safety of your home.

Outside books my life its an adventure of sorts. But with the experience of another adventurers my own adventure becomes far rich and deep.

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Post by NovaFly »

I like reading for many of the reasons above escapism, learning, hope in dark times, but also I think there's somthing special just in the ritual of reading: selecting, opening and curling up with this beautiful paper artefact. :)

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Post by Dayodiola »

Inside a book is the experience of another, and this is all I need not encounter the same problems they had.
If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.
-- Isaac Newton.

Zion Mesa
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Post by Zion Mesa »

It was a safehouse to be honest. It started as me just running away from my real world problems and formed an addiction that dominated my whole childhood.
Now that I'm not running anymore, (almost two months free of depression!!!) it's a way to reset when I'm overthinking or having trouble focusing. I mostly read informational articles these days though.

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Post by Tate331 »

I love reading because it allows me to become the character and escape my life for the time I'm reading.

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Post by Trothermel12 »

I like reading because it draws me into a whole new world. I can escape daily life for a while, like a vacation. Books feel like I'm really there sometimes.

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Post by Vivienne2000 »

I love reading because it provides a very special kind of solace I can ever find anywhere. I also get to enlarge my vocabularly and knowledge. The more I read the more I want to go on and on..... It is a very sweet addiction that I totally do not regret

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Post by Aliciaroseperry1992 »

To relax. I really enjoy it. It never feels like a chore, but a reward. There is nothing better than escaping into another world as you read!

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Post by faychem »

I read to escape the world and it's worries. I read to increase my imagination. It also helps me interact with the characters in the book since normal human interaction is quite hard for me

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Post by kradicia »

I like reading for the imagination factor. It is like a whole new world every time I open a book. A world I have never thought of or imagined, so the experience is new each and every time. Its an idea I have never had and a conclusion I would not have reached.

Its a hobby, I like words. I like sentences, quotes, paragraphs, and punctuation. Its almost like problem solving within the English Language. What to use who what when where how and why. When you think of words there are so many. Thousands so much that just one book to hold them all was not enough [dictionary]. There had to be other books for them to fill like a Thesaurus.

Why do I like reading; because it like me.

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Post by Lesya77 »

My love for reading came at an early age. I don't read words .... I read movies.

It plays out in my head exactly like a movie would. "Seeing" the landscape and characters come to life. My husband often complains that he cannot get my attention when I am reading because I get so engrossed into the book that the rest of the world falls away.

It is my most favorite hobby ever!!

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