Do you read non-fiction books?

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Re: Do you read non-fiction books?

Post by cherrykarl »

Yes, more on self-help books and a little about history. :)
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Post by jennyd2003 »

I read some non-fiction. I have a harder time getting into it just because there is usually a better hook on a fiction book in my opinion. Though I have to admit that there are some that I find quite boring in fiction as well.

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Post by Buchacha21 »

I love nonfiction, although I can’t read them back to back like I can fiction books. But I read biographies, autobiographies, self-help, or factual books about topics that interest me. I think reading is one of my favourite ways to learn.

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Post by Lincolnshirelass »

Yes, I do, I especially like biographies and autobiographies (the latter NOT ghosted, please!) as well as travel, history, strange phenomena, etc.
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Post by Valton »

Yes i do, but that's very rare since with fiction books your imagination has no limit and so it becomes more intresting to read.
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Post by Pknjo »

I like fiction better than non-fiction; I guess most readers are dreamers.

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Post by Dolor »

I read books with captivating titles and covers. I don't usually mind the genre. The first impression from my first glance on it, matters to me.

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I read whatever genre provided the book's title and cover has captivated my interest.

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Post by Thokchom Alice »

Yes, I read a lot of non-fiction books like motivational, historic, guidebook, etc. They are very beneficial.
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Post by aybige »

Yes, I do. I have been reading many Catholic books these year.

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Post by Natalie Charlene »

I love reading non-fiction books of all types. Right now, I am working my way through a collection of essays called What the Future Looks Like that is proving both informative and interesting. I also recently plowed my way through a bunch of physics texts: Where is Science Going? by Planck, The Evolution of Physics by Einstein and Infeld, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Tyson, and The Elegant Universe by Greene.

I also enjoy books on psychology, and, of course, the occasional biography or autobiography.

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Post by gregs317 »

Yes, I'm currently reading a book about a young North Korean girl who escaped that country with her mother.

Also, I just purchased a book, via Amazon, titled "Travel Stories and Highlights". It is about a man who travels around the world, with stories about his adventures.

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Post by Jolyon Trevelyan »

Most of the books i read are non fiction. I would say i read 70% non fiction and 30% fiction.
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Post by lara_haelterman »

I never read non-fiction books in my spare time. I had to read enough of them for school. I find fiction books are more relaxing and enjoyable than non-fiction

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Post by modupereb »

I prefer non fiction to fiction. I learnt a lot from Real and life experience !

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Post by Eteru »

I haven't read one, but I'm looking forward to trying some. Do you have recommendations?

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