Books that have made you cry?

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Ever cried at a book?

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Re: Books that have made you cry?

Post by Rea_der »

:cry: The Bluest eye by Toni Morrison i read while i was pursuing masters, was part of my study... I did not cry but it made me really sad...although it was an old book

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Post by Nightreaderx »

One book that has made me cry is "The perks of being a wallflower" By Stephen Chbosky. I think I was so emotional is because I have been through similar things that the main character has and it brought up those memories.

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Post by Rwill0988 »

There have been a couple of books that made me cry. Ones that consistently make me cry, even though I know what is coming, include Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See and The Messenger by Lois Lowry.

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Post by GreenBlazer »

The Green Mile is the only one I can remember...oh and the bible (although I'm non-religious).

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Post by mandi124 »

I strongly remember one book that made me cry was The Hate U Give, sad thing is, is was like the fourth chapter in. Although many other parts in the book also made me cry my eyes out as well. It’s just terrible to see how the characters were treated by others who are more “privileged”. Not to mention it really opens your eyes to what is going around you, especially today.

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Post by Jade1692 »

The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman. It is the third book in the His Dark Materials series. Separated young lovers and all that.

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Post by Arthur Ahrens »

Where the Red Fern Grows had me bawling like a baby, and we read that one in school! How embarrassing! Old Yeller was another one. Any one where the dog dies is heart wrenching. I want to know ahead of time if the dog dies so that I can avoid the story, even if it means spoilers. Then there's Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, Romeo and Juliet. . .guess I'm a big baby.

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Post by BlueEyedMisfit »

Any Harry Potter books where a favorite character of mine died made me bawl like a baby. Deathly Hallows was the worst of them for me. Fault in Our Stars also made me sob. I didn't think I would for that one. I went into reading the book with the mindset that it was just overhyped and it would only be okay. I was dead wrong. It was more than what it was made out to be. Also, Allegiant. The ending of that upset me extremely.

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Post by tiger01 »

Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson
Scarecrow - Mathew Riley (when Fox dies and Scarecrow and Mother fight)

Pretty much any book that a main character dies and the author really clearly conveys the emotional loss of the remaining characters to the reader can make me cry.

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Post by Thehorselover »

The Debt by Angela Hunt

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Post by quirky_scorpio »

Well there's a book called Till the Last Breath by Durjoy Dutta...and the ending got me crying...the story was so Emotional....

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Post by Vera_bookily »

I cry a lot while reading. But there are some book I read again and cry again.
Les miserables,
The old curiosity shop,
A little Princess,
Great expectations,
The Diary of a Young Girl.

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Post by Browneh »

Misfits by Charli Howard.

(Eating Disorder trigger warning...)

It had me sobbing within the first half. A short memoir that explains how a normal-sized woman was constantly told she wasn't small enough for the modelling industry. Always being told that she needed to lose that extra inch around her middle made me cry - especially when she was starving herself.

I've struggled with eating disorders and it was so refreshingly heartbreaking to hear someone give the painful truth of what was happening, and coming out the end loving herself. Such a beautiful book.

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Post by juliesand »

A Day No Pigs Would Die.

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Post by mila_ »

Recently would be Tears and Trombones by Nancy Lee Woody.

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