Should audio books count towards a yearly reading goal?

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Re: Should audio books count towards a yearly reading goal?

Post by ayomie »

I believe that listening to audio books is the same as reading and as such, should count towards the yearly goal. Sometimes, I'm able to get more comprehension listening to audio books than reading.
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Post by ElizaPeaks »

I think it simply depends on why you're reading! For instance, if you're reading because you want to hear a story, then heck yeah! Count that audiobook! However, if you're reading because you want to increase how much time you spend concentrating on a story or analyzing a story, then it's probably better to not count them.

Aditi Sapate
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Post by Aditi Sapate »

I think, yes! I think it's only fair that audiobooks should also count towards your reading goal.

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Post by Reynaa »

They definitely should count. People who are blind or dyslexic can still have "reading goals". They will still learn the content of a book through the audio book.

For me, I have a hard time listening to the audio books because I have loud kids! I think I would enjoy them on a road trip though and would still count it towards my goal.

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Post by Juliet+1 »

Audio books don't seem quite the same. They're more like plays that you listen to, especially with a good narrator who can change voice for all the different characters when there is dialog.

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Post by sunmuth »

I definitely would count them towards a reading goal. You could have listened to music during that time, but since you chose to listen to a book, I think it counts.

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Post by Gravy »

I'm ashamed to admit, I used to have a little prejudice about audiobooks vs "real" books.
Thankfully, I've learned better.

I've seen it pointed out how ableist it is against those who can't read other books, and now I see no difference.
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Post by HeatherEi »

I think audio books should count toward your goal.

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Post by Wendy11974 »

Absolutely I count them! If only I could always grab a copy of a book and read it as easily as I can download and listen during my commute. Beyond that though, I have run across several people with dyslexia, and other reasons that reading is difficult and being able to listen makes it easier for them to enjoy a story. Why limit the enjoyment of a book to one medium??

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Post by Palfree »

I recently started listening to audio books and find it enjoyable. I have poor vision so if I read for a long period of time my eyes start to tear. When i meed to stop reading for awhile, it is nice to have the option to listen to a book to give my eyes a rest. So, I would count audiobooks toward a reading goal.

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Post by LizzyGirl1 »

I don't think so - It's easy to be distracted when listening to another person read. Also what makes it so different from looking at a movie? I think reading allows your mind to get more involved in the story and is more intimate.
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Post by HanSmith97 »

ayomie wrote:
21 Apr 2019, 18:42
I believe that listening to audio books is the same as reading and as such, should count towards the yearly goal. Sometimes, I'm able to get more comprehension listening to audio books than reading.
I count them towards mine as well! I agree! Although my audiobooks tend to be re-reads

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Post by Laura Lee »

Absolutely I think audio books should count towards one's yearly reading goal. Personally, I prefer reading over listening, but that's because I'm a visual learner. People who are auditory learners get more out of hearing than reading. There's no reason why they can't enjoy the book in the way their brain is hard-wired to learn. (That said, I wouldn't count movies as applying to one's yearly reading goal. Everyone knows books are typically better than movies anyway!)

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Post by cxsimpson »

Audio books should definitely count. I read The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease and it talks about how important it is for children to hear books read aloud, even when they can read on their own. I imagine it's the similar for adults.

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Post by tanner87cbs »

No. No. No. You do not "read" and audiobook. You listened to a movie with no picture.

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