Paperback or Hardcover?

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Re: Paperback or Hardcover?

Post by lekrigbaum »

I'm really not avoiding the subject but I've been a Kindle guy for years. I can't remember the last book I bought other than reference books.

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Post by ellenripley »

It depends on the book. Mostly I've been okay good with either but, Dude! It's 2020! I can't live without my Kindle.

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Post by Geist39 »

Of course paperback. No doubt. Because it's lighter and feeling classic.
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Post by Maya28 »

Paperback, because they are lighter and easier to carry with me.

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Post by tgoatley »

Hardbacks are my favorite, I just love how they feel when I read them. But I dont mi d the paperbacks at all! The only dislike on paperbacks is that it is smaller which makes the words smaller.

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Post by writestuff »

Paperback at home and then digital when on holiday. An actual book just is more special.

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Post by ArielJMartin »

I prefer to hold a paperback. I tend to be a bit rough on my books.

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Post by freshbook »

I prefer hardcover overall. However, paperback can be a blessing because they are cheaper!

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Post by Minter »

I like hardcover.

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Post by Justine13 »

Paperbacks are cheaper, so I mostly get those, but I usually get a hardcover if I think the book is going to be special to me☺️

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Post by Weird_Illustrator »

Paperback. They usually look nicer and fit better into my bag when I'm not at home. Also they're cheaper which is something I have to consider with the amount of books I'm currently buying ^^'

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Post by MK_Lexington »

Hardcover all the way! I've got nothing against paperbacks, but when I buy a hardcover you better believe it's because I love the book and I'm going to reread the heck out of it. Not only are they fancier, but they stay nice longer. I take books just about everywhere and it's a personal pet peeve of mine when the covers of paperbacks get bent or folded, even if it's just a little bit on the corners. A damaged cover is less likely to happen with a hardback.

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Post by Ms Vinkel »

I always opted for paperback copies back when ebooks are still unavailable. They're lighter, cheaper, and are more often of still good quality in secondhand stores or booksales. I did - still do - buy some hardbounds for books I can afford to put down.

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Post by nanglada »

Hardcovers are way too expensive and hard to carry around. Definitely paperback.
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Post by Sarahparks12 »

I prefer hardcover just because I like the feel of it better, and when I'm lying in bed I can lay the book down and it will stay open on its own. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paperbacks and if I buy a book in either hardcover or paperback, I'm the kind of girl who makes it a priority to finish the series in the same style of binding that I bought the first book in lol. Either way, I'm happy.

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