Have you ever read a book simply to go to sleep?

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Rev T Wright
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Have you ever read a book simply to go to sleep?

Post by Rev T Wright »

I enjoy reading books because it allows your imagination to run wild. However, there was one time I had a day to do whatever and I picked sleep but the more I tried to fall asleep, I just couldnt so I decided to read a book. I picked "The great train robbery by Michael Crichton. It caught my attention as things started to progress but then..... I woke up. I couldnt believe I fell asleep reading this book but I got results that day. I used that technique about 3 or 4 more times. I still laugh about it today.
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Post by manoj01 »

yes i have read, sometimes i have to read to go to sleep..
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Post by gali »

Never! I have no troubles falling asleep and if I do, I use t.v for that purpose. 8)
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Rev T Wright
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Post by Rev T Wright »

I forgot to add during the day
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Post by castor »

i read books to relax and relaxation many times leads to sleep. This has happened many times. so yes i read books to go to sleep but then i have to reread the last pages because i don't remember them :)
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Rev T Wright
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Post by Rev T Wright »

8) I agree, reading is a great way to relax.
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Post by patrickt »

I can't read in bed. It just isn't comfortable so I rarely go to sleep reading. If I wake up and can't sleep, I get up and read until I feel like sleeping.
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Post by bookomania »

Many times. Reading is very relaxing.
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Post by suzy1124 »

Anything by that EGOMANIAC Joan Didion would rival any sleeping pill :lol: :wink:
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Courtney Whittamore
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Post by Courtney Whittamore »

I do sometimes, but it's usually when I have had a bad day and I need to clear my mind and think of pleasant things before I fall asleep to not have stress dreams. But usually if I begin a book at night I want to stay up and finish the whole thing! I also usually fall asleep to the t.v. lol
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Post by Livi-C »

When I was younger, but now if its a good book I can stay up all night reading.
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Post by SparklingOne »

Always...it can be hard to make yourself go to sleep if the book is good though. I have actually dreamed about characters from whatever book I was reading before sleep too.
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Post by allesha »

Nope, i've never done that on purpose! I have fallen asleep reading textbooks a few times though. I don't think I ever have while reading a book for enjoyment.
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Post by OnionPickle »

Yes. Often times reading causes my imagination to go wild, but sometimes I end up asleep with my face in the book. And the light on. I have to laugh at myself for that.
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Post by Bighuey »

I have sometimes. I lay down with something really inspiring and educational like The History of Manure Spreading or Boston Subway Lighting in 1910. Dont laugh, these are real books.

Gali has a point. TV is a good way to fall asleep. When I worked graveyard shift I would turn on daytime TV and empty my mind, which daytime TV is good at, and go right to sleep.
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