Do you dogear pages as a book marker?

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Re: Do you dogear pages as a book marker?

Post by HanSmith97 »

Skylar Todd wrote:
13 Apr 2019, 19:34
Please don't attack me, but I do it all the time. I always tell myself that I won't, and then I just do by habit. And then I find myself going "Darn." I did it again.
This sums me up as a reader. Everytime I'm so dissapointed in myself. Same as when I bend books slightly too far back and break the spine (cry)

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I always do in my own books because I like to wear my books in, but I never do it to books I borrow from other people.

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Post by Reynaa »

Jennashby_87 wrote:
29 Oct 2019, 11:36
I always do in my own books because I like to wear my books in, but I never do it to books I borrow from other people.
I wouldn't dog ear another person's book either. I don't really mind dog eating a book that I own, though. I sometimes like to look through the books on my shelf or when re-reading and I enjoy seeing where I dog eared pages. I'm not sure why! It feels personalized and nostalgic, maybe.

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Post by tannus »

I dont do it. I feel like I am hurting it. I usually just search by turning random pages because it refreshes my memory. If its a mystery book where I don't want to know next scene I use bookmarker.

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Post by urrutiap »

No i dont dog ear the pages in my books. Only evil people who have no souls dog ear their books.

I use bookmarks that i buy from Barnes and Noble to keep track of where I am at in books that i read

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Post by Booklover10301 »

I have always found this to be one of my biggest pet peeves in life. I have always seen this act as disrespectful of books, regardless of my liking of a particular book or even if I have already read it thousands of times before. When I was younger I used to make individualized bookmarks for my friends to use so that they could not tell me that they dogeared books merely because they did not have a proper bookmark to use.

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Post by DragonLight877 »

It's funny to see all the "Nooooooo!" in this forum. I would never do that. Eventually that edge of the page just rips off. Nah, just use a bookmark.

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Post by mariana90 »

No!!!! That's sacrilege!!!!

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Post by lunablue_x3 »

I find 3M yellow sticky notes work well for marking notable passages.

Has anyone tried the product know as Book Darts, and if so, what is your opinion of them?

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Post by WildFern »

Not having a bookmark is NEVER an excuse for damaging a book by dogearing! I have only two actual bookmarks and I tend to scatter-read (read several books at a time) and I use anything I can find as a bookmark - paper, a piece of yarn, a hair tie, a button. Seriously. As long as it helps you remember your page, it's a bookmark.

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Post by Namaste23 »

I dont dog ear and hardly use a bookmark. I have to find my place again if I dont remember what page I was on.

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Post by Ariely 20 »

No. Never have, Thats how you disrespect a book.

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Post by leximutia »

As a child, I used to dog-ear pages as bookmarks. Now, I would absolutely never. I really love preserving my physical books as best as possible, and I would genuinely be upset at any folds or tears or water damage to my currently owned books.

Interestingly, within my IT certification study guides, I highlight, underline, take notes, and place post-its within the book liberally. This is probably the only exception to the rule I can think of.

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Post by cxsimpson »

I do if there isn't something nearby I can use. I don't with other peoples' books or library books though.

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Post by tsh1001 »

Never! Blasphemy!
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