What would you do if you saw someone writing on a book?

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Re: What would you do if you saw someone writing on a book?

Post by npandit »

We were encouraged to take notes in our text books as students, and at first it seemed odd, but I found it to be quite helpful later on. Sometimes, taking a few notes in beloved books adds a personal touch to them. The next person in the family that picks up that book will get to see the notes you took, and it might be a special experience for them.

I always feel weird when people apply their personal beliefs to everyone else and then get angry when they see others behaving in a way they wouldn't. The moment you try to understand the motivation behind someone's actions, or give them the benefit of doubt, usually a desire to whack unsuspecting people on the head will go away.
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Post by dina77 »

I feel the same as npandit - I made notes in my text books at university and I think that as long as it isn't a library book then people are entitled to do what they want to their own books.

Wolfsbane Creations
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Post by Wolfsbane Creations »

it's fine if it's their book

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Post by amansmith »

Nothing. It is there book so they can treat it how they want to. I wouldn't write in my books, but sadly not everyone is like me.
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Post by CrescentMoon »

I see people writing in their books all the time. It doesn't bother me as long as it's not mine. I personally don't like to write in books, and if I lent a book to somebody else and they wrote in it, I would be really angry. However, if someone decides to write in their own books, it doesn't bother me.
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Post by LittleWilma »

As long as it isn't mine I say live and let live. Their book, their prerogative.
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Post by readinginreview4 »

When I was little I used to write in books but I'm sure everyone did. Some people take notes in books or need to jot something down. I don't like it but it's their book.

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Post by David Dawson »

thebookworm4ever wrote:If I saw someone doesn't matter who I will give them a dirty look. I know thats kinda mean but its better than what I really want to do, which is take the book from them wack them up side the head with it and walk away with the book clutched to my chest. Writing on a book feels like vandalizing a piece of art.
But the book isn't the art...It's more like vandalising a picture of a piece of art you've printed off a computer.
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Post by anomalocaris »

If they own the book, it's none of my business. If they don't own the book, it's still none of my business. The world doesn't revolve around me or my point of view. If I own the book, I'd ask them to replace it.
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Post by ttuso22 »

I use to be opposed to people writing in books but then I started doing it in high school because our teacher wanted us to annotate and would check our books for annotations. However I still prefer to keep books that are fiction away from being ruined, but non fiction I feel like is an acceptable genre to write in unless of course you don't own it.
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Post by BookLady123 »

I would say " that is not right" Other people want to read that not just you! That always annoys me!

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Post by ylisa7 »

If it is their book then it is their business.

Now…if I notice it is a library book I would have to say something. I've seen too many library books in my area with curse words blocked out and it really ticks me off that those people feel it is OK to mark up a public library book. If you are offended by the material then don't read the book :(
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Post by TrishaAnn92 »

Honestly I don't feel it's my business especially if it is their book. If it's not then the appropriate person (owner of the book; a person they know or the library) will deal with it.
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Post by Platonov »

Assume it belongs to them and that they are an astute reader.

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Post by Esrever »

Probably nothing; I don't care enough to poke my nose in other people's stuff. Well maybe.
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