How long can you spend in a bookstore at one time?

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Re: How long can you spend in a bookstore at one time?

Post by Kieran_Obrien »

Everyone here saying they'd spend hours! If I haven't found a book I like within half an hour I'd end up getting frustrated and leave 😂 although usually something catches my eye right away!

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Camille Turner
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Post by Camille Turner »

I would agree with you and say for me, it's about 5 hours as well. If there is coffee involved...probably longer!

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Post by toribyers13 »

I could probably live in a bookstore, lol. I lose track of time when I'm in there. I agree about the cafe, that makes it much easier to stay longer. If only they had beds & showers, I'd never have to leave!

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Post by todwyer01 »

Too long if you ask my friends and family. If I know exactly what I want and I know where it is located, at most 30 minutes. If I have no clue as to what I want and I aimlessly browse through the titles, about 1 and 1/2 hours minimum.

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Mihra Shorey
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Post by Mihra Shorey »

I love bookstores and most of the ones I've been to recently have the cafes so I could easily spend an hour or two at one store. I browse through most of the genres! Even the journals and gifts section. Those are always fun to look through. :-) Dont think I could do more than the 1-2 hours though.

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Post by Shrabastee »

In theory, indefinitely! I have often went to a shopping mall with friends and while they shopped, I spent the time in the bookstore, browsing and reading books, even completing novels. Often my friends have to prevent me from entering a bookstore lest I spend the entire time there. Leaving a bookshop becomes all the more difficult if a bookaholic is accompanying me. Once I went to a used-book store with a colleague, after spending an evening we had to go home. But we loved it so much we went there again the next day, this time yet another bookaholic in tow. But none of these experiences can compete with the feel I get spending a day in book fair... Lots of different stalls featuring a myriad of books, with additional features like debates and workshops,authors' meet etc. It seems the dream destination of any book-lover.

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Post by Tbunde5 »

If I have nowhere to be? All day.

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Post by nikkyteewhy »

There was a time I went with my aunt to a bookstore and the security had to come and ask us if we were okay, we had spent over 5 hours just looking at different books.

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Post by Mely918 »

I could stay at a bookstore for hours on end. It's so easy for me to lose track of time there, especially if there is a mini-cafe inside the store.

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Post by heliz_t »

I own and run a bookstore, so I practically live there! Before I had my own store though, I could spend hours at a time browsing bookstores, and I kind of miss shopping for books the way I did before I had my own store. Now I buy in bulk for stock, but I hardly ever go to other stores and buy books for myself as a reader. Instead of going out and looking for books to read, I go through new acquisitions and reading the ones I most want to read whenever they come to me!

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Post by rave_2 »

I sometimes wish I could be in a bookstore for five hours or more, but the longest is probably an hour. And I never once stayed for coffee or anything.
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Dael Reader
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Post by Dael Reader »

I've spent up to 2 hours in my local Barnes & Nobles, which has a Starbucks inside. This tends to happen in the summer, because my apartment isn't air conditioned. ;)

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Post by Eclectic_novels »

I can spend endless hours at any bookstore. I find that I don't get to stay as long as I wish I could due to work or family obligations. I would bring my sleeping bag if only it was allowed.

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Post by Serena_Charlotte »

It takes me 2-3 hours to choose a novel to read in the first place. After that, if I even find anything, I could just sit there reading for five hours or more depending on what I have to do for the day.
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Post by gregs317 »

Probably about 1 hour, depending if I can find a good book and/or magazine to purchase. Maybe stay longer if there is a coffee section to sit and relax.

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