How long can you spend in a bookstore at one time?

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Aditi Sapate
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Re: How long can you spend in a bookstore at one time?

Post by Aditi Sapate »

I can spend hours on end and I don't have any additional requirements. I mean I don't care if it's a cafe or not. As long as they've got books, I'm there.

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Post by DD129 »

I could stay in a bookstore for hours. I like the atmosphere, and they have plenty of comfortable chairs to sit and relax while reading a book. The cafes always have nice smells; the food they serve always goes great with a good book. However, when I go to a bookstore with the objective of buying a specific book, I don't stay for more than 2 hours.

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Post by Inmortalbooklover »

I can spend a whole day in a bookstore as long as I have a break to eat :D

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Post by Andy_C »

12-14 days

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Post by djr6090 »

This is a great topic! It used to be that i could spend 4 hours in a book store at a time, and when they started encouraging you to buy drinks and camp out there, my husband would not go to malls with me any more. Now that I have an epub reader, and am more or less a stay-at-home person, I miss the book stores.

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Post by gregs317 »

Physical bookstores are just ok, for me. I would rather buy books at Amazon and have them delivered to my home.

Now, if we're talking about a bookstore with a cafe attached, that would be a much more enjoyable experience.

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Post by Inkroverts »

An hour, I suppose. I would look for the titles of the book I want to read, then search the online catalog from the public library so I can save money.

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Post by maplepresss »

Instead of Spending hours at a bookstore I would love buy books in bulk which I can get from a nearby press or something. Maple Press is one such where I found quality conditioned books at wholesale prices

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Post by rdrumsey »

If the bookstore has a coffee shop, 6 hours easy. I love to find a health, photography, or animal book then find a seat. If I have coffee, I’ll be in that seat for a while.

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Post by Namaste23 »

I could spend all day there. There is just so much information to learn. Plus there is coffee and quiet!

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Post by leximutia »

From a few hours to several hours, 5 or 6 max. I love the atmospheres of bookstores and cafes, and I can really get lost in a book if I allow myself too.

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Post by tanner87cbs »

Open to close if it is an Half-Priced Books outlet store :)

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Post by eliviac35 »

In our local secondhand book store, I can stay for around 4 hours. They have a sweet little Scottie Terrier that keeps me company in the Mystery/Thrillers section.

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Post by HusainNecklace52 »

I once spent almost an entire day in a secondhand book shop during my summer holidays because I had nothing else to do. At one point, I'm pretty sure, I even helped out a few customers pick out their first books and became a full-on salesman!

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Post by AmyMarie2171 »

I don't love being around lots of people that I don't know, so I tend to browse for a while in bookstores before making my choice and leaving. I'd much rather read at home where I know I'll be comfortable.

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