What is the last book you read, and your rating?

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Re: What is the last book you read, and your rating?

Post by Pauliny12 » 12 Feb 2018, 20:09

I just joined the review team and selected Sigfried's Smelly Socks! by Len Foley. I selected this short children's book for my first read with the club to become acquainted with the post/update/review topics. I rated this 3 out of 4 stars for excellence. The book won the Mom's Choice Award and was very well designed, entertaining and educational for all age groups to appreciate.

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Post by Jaemiskewes88 » 13 Feb 2018, 07:50

I am on the 7th round of reading Rachel Caines Morganville vampire Series, right now I am halfway through the second book- Dead Girls Dance. I love all the books, they are printed in a way that is easy to read and flows well. It is easy to understand what is going on and who is who. The imagination is very reachable and palatable. The covers are beautifully done, attractive and unique. Although dark, the books reach out to an alternative younger audience who revel in the likes of supernatural and gothic. It's packed with young love, humor, adventure, science and magick. Very suitable for young adults and vampire enthusiasts. I always return to these books as a bread and butter, there really trigger my imagination and allow me to create my own versions of characters... my favourite part!

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Post by Jeyasivananth » 13 Feb 2018, 09:39

The last book I read was The Reel Sisters by Michelle Cummings...I gave it 3 stars.

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Post by Faith Atieno okoth » 13 Feb 2018, 12:29

"Sigfried's smelly socks" by Len Foley

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Post by Olublitz » 14 Feb 2018, 04:37

I just read Heaven and Earth by Arturo Riojas. I give it a 3/5. It was very informative on the metal cadmium and its poisonous effects in our bloodstream but it didn't bring the story to life for me.

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Post by stacie k » 14 Feb 2018, 13:01

I just finished That Place of Knowledge by Philip Alan Shalka. I rated it 4 out of 4 stars.

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Post by tonee617 » 14 Feb 2018, 22:39

The last book i've read was the last installment book of This man. my rating is 4/5.

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Post by pinefamily » 15 Feb 2018, 00:29

I have just finished Åsa Larsson's latest crime thriller, The Second Deadly Sin. I enjoyed the storyline, as well as the further development of the recurring characters from her previous books. My only fault with it would be that it is a little lighter than usual on the crime detection and suspense.

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Post by Arrigo_Lupori » 15 Feb 2018, 14:44

Last book I've read is the very famous Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. My rating for it would be 4.5/5. It was an amazing experience. The book was incredibly well written. I've learned a ton of vocabulary and it was quite a pleasurable read.

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Post by rik17 » 16 Feb 2018, 01:02

Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole (3/4)

Love this thread!

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Post by Redlegs » 16 Feb 2018, 01:34

I really liked The Glass Canoe by David Ireland (winner of the 1976 Miles Franklin Award), and I feel that I have discovered another great Australian writer whose work I have not read before.

But I do wonder about the breadth of its appeal today. Firstly, I can't imagine that many women would enjoy this novel, with its blue-collar male environment set in the front bar of a rough pub where the only women welcome are barmaids and prostitutes.

Secondly, I wonder if anyone but an Australian, or perhaps a British man, could relate to this tale of booze and skiting that is so quintessentially Australian in its character.

And thirdly, I wonder whether anyone born after the 1960s would recognise, or find believable, the hotel environment that Ireland describes, which has now all but disappeared except maybe in a few backstreet pubs in working class suburbs.

None of this is to diminish or any way denigrate the fabulous quality of Ireland's spare, visceral and sinewy prose and the brilliance with which he has captured the ambience, culture and glorious characters of the time and place of which he writes.

Ireland sets his novel in the Southern Cross Hotel in a working class suburb of Sydney. The characters who inhabit this pub, seemingly for many hours a day on most days of the week, are true boozers, who love to travel in their imaginations to places unknown via their glass canoes (beer glasses).

The story is narrated by Meat Man (real name Lance), whose nickname is a none too subtle reference to the alleged size of his manhood. Through a series of very short chapters, Meat Man introduces the reader to the multitude of characters he drinks with and describes some of the crazy escapades and shenanigans they get up to, both inside and outside the bar.

If I had one complaint about the many excesses described in this story, it would be about the female characters. By today's standards, it is probably misogynistic, certainly disrespectful and demeaning. But it can be argued that Ireland captured, fairly accurately, the attitudes of the time (1970s) amongst this class of males.

But the scenes involving sex were generally exaggerated to the point of being comically grotesque, and virtually all women were portrayed as being voracious, kinky and insatiable.

But this is a novel worthy of a major literary award, despite my reservations about the breadth of its relevance in the 21st century.

Ireland sums up beautifully the world these men are content to inhabit, despite any disdain from more genteel elements of society, in the novel's penultimate paragraph.

"I went to the bar to get us some more glass canoes to take us where we wanted to go. I thought of the tribes across Australia, each with its waterhole, its patch of bar, its standing space, its beloved territory. It was a great life."

4 stars, on the cusp of 4.5 stars out of 5.
So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

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Riya Chandra
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Post by Riya Chandra » 16 Feb 2018, 06:30

The last book i have read is the Invisible Man by H.G. Well.
It's a decent science fiction. Good to read. I give it 4/5 stars

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Post by Bighuey » 16 Feb 2018, 09:51

A collection of stories by M.R. James, he was known as the father of modern ghost stories. Some were really creepy, especially The Wailing Well and A Vignette. A Vignette is supposed to be an experience of his when he was a child about a haunted wood near his home. Reading it kind of made chills go up and down my spine. Great reading for late at night and if you want to be creeped out.
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Post by Jmteachmom » 17 Feb 2018, 09:02

I just finished American River Tributaries Book One in the America River Trilogy. I enjoyed the book even though at times it was confusing as to what character I was reading about. I give it a 3 out of 4 stars.
P.S. It may have been hard to get into I am hooked at this point. Want to read book two and three

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Post by blue4t » 17 Feb 2018, 12:11

Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff 3.5/5 stars
It is a tad different than your typical YA novel.

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