Books that have made you cry?

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Ever cried at a book?

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Re: Books that have made you cry?

Post by ellenripley »

For the first time in a decade, I cried helplessly at the death of Lee Scoresby and his daemon Hester in The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman.

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Post by Geist39 »

The soul thief by Kim Richardson. Many part of the chapters I get emotional and cry well literally crying. The part where Alexa got betrayed by her very first love.
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Post by Maya28 »

The Throne of Glass series have been the most recent books to make me cry.

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Post by JT1989 »

The House of Night series. It’s a different type of vampire lore. Some people have the “vampire” gene and turn at about 16. The change is a process and some kids don’t live through it. And then a beloved character gets murdered...

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Post by F78 »

Well I say you can't control what you cry over but saying that the only book I have ever cried over and over and over was Old Yeller . yeah thats right I've read alot of books but that's what does it for me. Man I hate that yellow dog.

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Post by readerrihana »

I cry when I see the character is sad, in a bad situation or crying themselves.

When I read man mission and the main character was crying and depressed after his divorce I felt to cry with him

I recently read the book ' We Drank Wine' and tears came to my eyes when one of the women was described in floods of tears and having a breakdown

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Post by Cammiblake99 »

I'm not one to cry because of a book or a movie. However when I finished the Dark Tower series by Stephen King I bawled through the last two books. Once I finished I was so mad at the ending that I actually threw the book against the wall and cried for a solid hour. It might have been a bit dramatic but that series was what got me through my grandparents death so finishing with the ending that it did hit me harder than it should have.

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Post by flyingspacekid »

I was bawling at the end of the song of Achilles

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Post by Charlie98_ »

I'm really not an emotional person but I must say that when I read the book " True to the game " it struck something in me.
The ending when Quadir gets hurt leaving Gena by herself made fall out in tears

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